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  1. I’ve been following your blogs for quite a while and they are really amazing and helpful.

  2. We won a pair of the rose footed fleece pajamas and absolutely LOVE them. They are soft and keep my 17 month old very warm and cozy at night. She loves putting them on and and “zip, zip” (as she says) to go to bed at night. I don’t worry about her being cold at night, as I have in the past, because we only used cotton pajamas before finding these. I also like how the zipper zips in the opposite direction so there are no snaps or zippers pushing on her chin when she snuggles up on her belly. My 3 year old is now requesting a pair so they will be on her Christmas list. Love that we have now found safe, warm pajamas for our girls for these cold nights.

  3. Hi! I received the fleece Castleware pjs in navy blue. My first thought when I opened it up was that they were well made and soft. Instead of using as a pj I’ve been using them for a comfy lounge outfit for my son. Overall a cute outfit. Thank You

  4. Hi, Irina, I found out about this company through your blog. Now I am looking for new warm sleep sacks. Does Casleware ever have sales or discounts? TIA

  5. I am always looking for organic pajamas for my 3 children. I will definitely write a detailed review if I win these.

  6. I have 2 different castle ware pajamas. They were maybe the only company that made a product that fit all my criteria – organic material, zips on the side, bottom of sleep sack can be open so they don’t over heat. Would love to try the organic fleece pi’s with the upcoming cold weather. Thank you!

  7. With cooler weather approaching, this fleece jammie will be so comfy for my grandson. Wonderful opportunity to learn more about your products. Thank you!

  8. Thanks for this post! I’m always on the hunt for more organic clothing options for my little one. In taking a look at their site, I was happy and surprised to see their toddler sleep sacks have feet on them! Those will be perfect for us, it will keep her warm, let her roll around her crib at night without getting tangled and makes it so she can safely stand up in the morning like she likes to do. Can’t wait to give them a try!

    1. I just wanted to come back to this post and say thanks for introducing us to Castleware! I bought my 18 month old one of the sleep sacks with feet and it is amazing. So warm and perfectly designed for a toddler. Sometimes my daughter doesn’t want to take it off in the morning!

  9. I am so glad to find this post, as my daughter has holes int he toes of her cotton jammies. Also very grateful for this site, it is my most trusted resource for all things non toxic.

  10. I consider your blog my most valuable resource when it comes to choosing products for my family, including my daughters beloved Castleware sleep sack and Snug organics Sherpa sleeper. I swear my kids sleep better in natural fabrics!

  11. I’ve been wanting to try the new Castleware fleece pajamas. My older dd liked the velour, but we were excited to see the organic fleece!

  12. Just last night I realized my little guy needs warmer pjs and that it was time to do some winter pj shopping, but where to start… What a timely coincidence!

  13. Thanks for enlightening us about Castleware! Sad they only go to size 6. I have been doing 100% cotton jammies for years, at the ire of my family who wants to constantly give us the polyester fun/commercial print PJs. I tell them they will just wear them to play in around the house, they are not good for sleeping…many sit unused πŸ™

  14. So happy I found Castleware. A little late to the game but am happy my baby will be warm and toasty this season in beautiful and healthy fabrics. I can’t wait to try the fleece PJs.

  15. Love, love, love castleware. My new baby is enjoying her hand me down castleware footies and we are looking forward to the new fleece footies this winter. Great company, awesome products. All the clothing weve tried so far have been great, organic options. Besides the footies and sleepsacks, their blankets, slippers and hats and especially their hoodies are also favorites. Not only do the products hold up to be passed down they are generous in sizing so my kids actually get full use out of them. Also make great gifts to first time moms!

  16. Castlewear is a fantastic company. I’ve been using their sleep sacks for over 6 years (on 3 kids!) and they hold up so well! Definitely worth the money.