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  1. That is what I’m thinking. More cost but I the it will be worth it. He just turned teo. I’m thinking the 2T size will be sufficient according to their measurements…I think I’ll buy the sleeved version. Is your giveaway a sleep sack? Or maybe you meant something different;)!

    1. It is going to be a Castleware giveaway but I am not sure which products specifically. Possibly sleepsacks. Yes, Castleware sizes are very generous. And they are preshrunk, too. ~Irina

  2. I’m debating between their velour and fleece sleep sack! Any thoughts? The velour is of course more cost but if it’s worth it I’ll do it! Just wondering about the fleece, however, and if that is sufficient enough!

    1. Hi, Angie! The choice of fabric depends on the room’s temperature…Velour is warmer. Make sure to subscribe to my blog as I will be running a giveaway soon. Thanks! ~Irina

      1. Ok, Thanks, Irina! I’ll subscribe — what a hoot to win a sack, fingers crossed! I haven’t ordered it just yet but will soon:). His room is probably low 60s in the winter months…

  3. I’ve used these sleep sacks for YEARS and they hold up so well. They are one of my favorite baby/toddler products!