Makeup Brushes

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Crunchi carries 12 vegan makeup brushes with synthetic Taklon bristles.  The bristles are soft and not as porous as animal hair; hence, they absorb less product during application. My friend, a professional celebrity makeup artist, confirmed that Crunchi’s makeup brushes are professional grade. I own and use them all and can attest to their high quality. With the ADVOCATE10 discount code, you can get 10% off on your 1st purchase of $50+! For more information, read below.

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To achieve maximum results and airbrush look, it is best to apply Crunchi makeup or any makeup with makeup brushes as opposed to fingers, sponges, or pads.

Crunchi toxic-free liquid foundation is full coverage and on a thicker side.  Especially, if you do not need a lot of coverage, it is very important to apply it with Crunchi flat top number 1 brush.

I recommend Crunchi with the utmost confidence because I know Crunchi works very hard to produce well-performing vegan and safe products packaged in eco-friendly packaging.  I have been researching makeup and skincare products for a decade now, so I think I am qualified to tell the real thing from all the “greenwashers.”  And every time some disturbing news come out about heavy metals, asbestos, benzene, and PFAS contaminants found in makeup or skincare products, I feel fortunate to be able to feature Crunchi on my website.  Moreover, Crunchi has been backing Federal legislation banning PFAS and requiring more supplier transparency.

Crunchi also carries a lot of great skin care products, too, and my favorite is Crunchi Goldenlight Multi-Peptide serum. It helps me achieve the appearance of a brighter and smoother complexion in my late 40s.  To learn more about Crunchi, read my Crunchi non-toxic makeup review.