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Crunchi mascara has an effective preservation system, which is important to protect your eyes from infections. It is clinically tested to be found non-irritating to the eyes (I can attest to that). Crunchi mascara uses EcoCert-certified high purity mineral pigments sourced NOT from China, which reduces the risk of heavy metal contamination. Shopping at Crunchi with the ADVOCATE10 discount code, you get 10% off on your 1st purchase of $50+. For more information, read below.

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Crunchi mascara is packaged in a glass tube so you won’t be contributing to plastic pollution with this product.

Crunchi third-party tested all their products for heavy metals and the results were outstanding!  They also test their products for toxic PFAS chemicals. Mamavation featured Crunchi products, including Crunchi mascara, in her PFAS study in the “best” category because all Crunchi products had no detectable levels of organic fluorine, an indicator of the presence of PFAS, associated with infertility, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, diabetes, impaired immunity, and cancers. You can read more in the Environmental Health News.

On June 23, 2021, Crunchi reformulated their mascara to improve adhesion to the eyelashes. This was the third time Crunchi had reformulated its mascara.  The original mascara didn’t provide enough volume for people who wanted big eyelashes.  The second one provided the volume but shed for some people, especially for those who lived in humid climates and/or had oily skin around the eyes.  The June 2021 mascara decreased the volume, which made unhappy those women who never had the shedding issue but solved the shedding issue for others.

As with all makeup products, and mascaras especially, the way you apply it matters.  Your expectations (do you like BIG eyelashes?) also matter.  And the other products you use matter too.  This is what I found for me (I like big eyelashes):

  • I use only 3 coats at the most (I alternate between the eyes to give time to each coat to adhere); otherwise, I run the risk of shedding.
  • I use Crunchi eyeliner to accentuate my eyes, so I don’t have to rely on mascara to achieve that.
  • After I apply the concealer and foundation, I use the finishing powder around the eyes, too.

All in all, if you live in a humid climate, or have oily eyelids, but you like big lashes, you might not be happy with Crunchi mascara.  Yet, taking into consideration that it is extremely challenging to find a truly non-toxic mascara without toxic PFAS and other potentially harmful ingredients and contaminants, I think it is a good idea to give this toxic-free mascara a try.

To learn more about Crunchi, please read my Crunchi Non-Toxic Makeup review.  Here is a comment of a happy Crunchi mascara buyer:

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