Translucent Finishing Powder

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Crunchi translucent finishing powder is made of one ingredient: silica.  Before I tried it, I did not think I needed it.  Now, I am obsessed with it.  It masks my wrinkles and pores, creating a “filter” look so it is not noticeable that I wear foundation, concealer, blush, and bronzer.  I also apply it around my eyes to mask wrinkles and ensure that Crunchi mascara does not transfer onto my skin. With the ADVOCATE10 discount code, you can get 10% off on your 1st purchase of $50+! For more information, read below.

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A few tips about using translucent finishing powder:

  1. It is a must for those with oily skin to control the oily shine.
  2. It is a good idea to apply it before the foundation dries on the skin so it will melt into your skin.
  3. It is best to apply it with Crunchi brush no. 2 but you can also apply with Crunchi brush no.1 (the same brush you just used to apply the foundation).
  4. Bronzer on top creates a gorgeous summer look!

In a world where 275 million metric tons of waste is plastic, Crunchi is committed to finding sustainable alternatives. The translucent finishing powder is packaged in a plastic-free jar made from 100% plant-based and renewable ingredients, including bamboo, rice husk, coconut shell, and green tea leaves. How amazing is that?!

Crunchi is my favorite makeup and skincare company because I researched every ingredient of every product they carry, am in touch with their product development and production team, and Crunchi values my input on ingredient selection.  The latter hasn’t happened with any other company.

I have been researching the whole market of clean beauty products since 2013.  I choose Crunchi products as a result of comparing them with many other beauty products.

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