Crunchi Eyeshadow

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  • Crunchi offers a variety of eyeshadows including individual shades and Crunchi eye shadow palette bars.
  • These safe eyeshadows do not contain any talc.
  • Crunchi uses only mineral pigments in all their products.
  • To assure the high purity of mineral pigments, Crunchi makes sure that they do NOT come from China.
  • Crunchi tested all their products for heavy metals and the results were way below even the strictest guidelines.
  • In addition, Crunchi tests for fluorine, which is a proxy for toxic PFAS associated with infertility, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, diabetes, impaired immunity, and cancers.
  • Mamavation conducted PFAS tests of 83 green beauty products and featured Crunchi safe products in the best category because all Crunchi products had no detectable levels of fluorine. You can read more about the PFAS study and all the other products tested in the Environmental Health News.
  • To reduce plastic pollution, these clean beauty products are packaged in plastic-free paperboard.
  • All Crunchi products are cruelty-free and vegan.
  • My favorite is Shadow Bar Vol II.  Click on the How To Use tab to learn how to apply the eyeshadows.

To learn more about why I love this brand so much, please read my post about Crunchi non-toxic makeup.

The $10 off discount on first orders of $50+ is embedded in my affiliate link.

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