Charcoal Body Bar

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Crunchi charcoal body bar is packaged in paper, made through the process of saponification of organic plant oils, and scented with organic essential oils only.  Men like this body bar because charcoal is good at removing body odor.  First-time buyers get $10 off $50+ purchase.  Learn how to buy truly non-toxic soap here. For more information, read below.

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I examined every ingredient of every Crunchi product and stand by their safety.  Read my full Crunchi review here.  I use Crunchi products daily.  In fact, if I had my own beauty line, it would not differ much from Crunchi.  Consider Crunchi Facial Bar, Facial Sunscreen, Mascara, Eye Cream, Eyeshadow, Nightlight Cream, Daylight Cream, Lip Gloss, Lipstick, Liquid Foundation.  Also, check out such products for men as NYR Men’s Aftershave Balm and Kosmatology Men’s Body Wash.