Crunchi Facial Sunscreen

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The Crunchi Sunlight facial sunscreen contains non-nano zinc oxide that protects well not only from sunburn but also from melanoma.  It is lightweight, non-greasy, hydrating, and leaves no white cast.  This sunscreen is EWG-Verified and tested negative for gluten. It fits perfectly into my skincare routine, whether I use foundation or not.  Get 10% off your 1st purchase of $50+ by clicking the purple button and using the ADVOCATE10 discount code.  For more information, read below.

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Crunchi’s sunscreen is formulated with the safest and most effective UV filter—non-nano zinc oxide. This amazing ingredient not only shields you from UVB rays but also provides superior protection from long UVA rays, which can cause melanoma.

Did you know that there’s no need to look for an SPF higher than 30? SPF measures protection from UVB rays, not UVA. SPF 45 or 50 is usually achieved by using titanium dioxide that won’t protect from melanoma well or nano zinc oxide or that sunscreen will make you look like a ghost.

Sunlight® Facial Sunscreen: Made with non-nano zinc oxide, it protects against both long (UVA) and short (UVB) sun rays. It’s light, non-greasy, hydrating, and leaves almost no white cast. It fits perfectly into my skincare routine, whether I use foundation or not. I apply it every morning after Crunchi’s I AM Bright Vitamin C Serum​, followed by Advanced Daylight Face Cream​.

Packaged in a recyclable glass bottle with a 100% BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free pump and recyclable cap.  One of the great facts about Crunchi is that they take more plastic out of the environment than they put in.

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