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  1. Hi Irina! What are your thoughts on the MoonWomb pillow by the Sustainable baby? My midwife recommended that I get it. It seems to be pretty great according to the reviews I like that it’s thicker than most the boppy did nothing for me at 5″ thick with my first. I had to hunch over so badly. And I am scared of foam lol. I also like that it can be used for pregnancy. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this one! Love your blog btw

    1. Hi, Jules: I am not familiar with this product. Could you email them and ask to list all materials that go into making the pillow and then let me know. We can go from there. ~Irina

  2. I went with the MoonWomb pillow. It’s perfect for plopping up under my belly between my legs and even to read lol. It’s also a nursing pillow that has the buckwheat hulls. It’s all organic which I love because I’m smell sensitive to weird foam. It’s super cozy and breathes so you don’t get hot. It’s huge too. I love it.

      1. It’s organic buckwheat hulls and organic cotton canvas, the cover is also organic cotton knit I believe. There is an aroma pouch that has organic lavender flowers which is on the inside pocket. Maybe that’s the fiber?

  3. It’s the poly fiber that is the petroleum based product, right? I was just looking at it as an option. With my first I used My Breast Friend, but I’m pretty sure it has flame retardents in it, so I want to find a better one. I like the shape and function of My Breast Friend, and The Honest Company one was more like it. I didn’t care for the boppy style pillow when nursing my first born.

    1. Hi Jena: normally poly fibers are petroleum-based. And if it is not specified in the product description, it is mostly likely the case. You might want to check with Honest Co. to be sure. So, do you like Honest co. pillow because it resembles My Best Friend?

      1. The description states: “•Core made from 100% Eco*Loft® virgin poly-fiber— NO toxic foams, adhesives, flame retardants, or harsh chemicals often found in traditional nursing pillows” Yes, I was looking at it because it looked like a non-toxic version of My Brest Friend. I like the support I got from using My Brest Friend. I called and spoke to someone at the company and the good news is My Brest Friend I have doesn’t contain flame retardants, however, it’s made of the petroleum based foam.

        1. Confirmed through the company that the pillow is free of petrochemicals!
          MATERIALS (per website):
          Pillow Insert: 100% Eco-Loft® Polyester Fiber
          Fabric Cover: 100% Certified Organic Cotton Plush Top and Bolster with 100% Polyester Plush Sides
          Mesh Privacy Cover: 100% Polyester Mesh
          Bolster Filling: 100% Polyfill

          Per Honest Company: “Eco*Loft is a trade-marked name of a patented fiber material. The fiber material is made from 100% polyester fibers. The patented technology is the manufacturing process and treatment during the production process. Eco*Loft is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and not treated with any fire-retardant chemicals.”

          Hope this helps!

          1. Hmm… Here is a question. What is polyester made of? Most polyesters are petroleum-derived with the exception of PLA, a new type of polyester derived from corn or potatoes. I suspect that “Eco” means that the polyester is made from recycled polyester, which is great for the environment but has no direct impact on its toxicity. With that said, if you have to choose between polyurethane foam and polyester pillow, I would certainly go for polyester – MUCH MUCH less VOCs.

  4. Thank you so much for being willing to do the research on these items. We expecting mommies really appreciate the time you have taken!

  5. Do you know anything about the Gia nursing pillow? I like the wedge shape, but can’t find a thing about what it’s made of inside, or what might be on it.

  6. I have the Blessed Nest, and while I do love it there are a few things I would recommend. My baby has super-sensitive skin, and sometimes I found the cover too rough, so I typically covered it with an organic baby blanket (so I wouldn’t recommend buying an extra cover). There were times when I wished it would have been a little more firm or had more buckwheat hulls – when my baby was really small I sometimes had to use another pillow or some wadded up blankets to get him up to the right height. But as he got bigger I didn’t need that. Now that my baby is bigger (6 months), it would be nice to have something firmer and that went around him to help him sit up (I know people that use Boppys for that as they are really firm, so maybe the purerest would work for that as that looks to be more that shape). Regardless of what you buy there will probably be times when you want something either more or less firm, so I found going less firm allowed me to supplement with blankets or other pillows.
    And one bonus use of the Blessed Nest – my baby would often fall asleep on me on the couch, so we would lay a blanket down and put him next to me, and use the Blessed Nest along the edge of the cushion so he wouldn’t fall off (not that he was rolling anyway, but gave us piece of mind). This way he was “sandwiched” between the Blessed Nest and the back of the couch, and the curve of the pillow fit him nicely. Even as he grew he seemed to enjoy that comfort of being enclosed.
    And don’t forget to bring your nursing pillow with you to the hospital!! It’s so much nicer than using theirs, and all the nurses were quite impressed with it!

    1. They said that the pillows are made of polyfiber, which is a petroleum product. It is too bad. I know it does not look like the market has to offer much to women with twins. It is a shame.