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  1. I found the brand Danish Endurance to have a lot of very affordable options for non-toxic clothing, I know their cotton is GOTS certified, I have not determined the toxicity of other materials they use in their clothing. Might need a more experienced eye with more time to contact the company. Thanks for this website. It’s hard to become an informed consumer who wants to live a non-toxic life with the business of a day job, it can take hours to find good brands and products you’re comfortable with. Are there any other websites you’d recommend in terms of healthy living/compressed research and brand comparison?

    1. Hi, Leif! We appreciate your kind words! When Irina started this blogpost, nobody else was doing this kind of research. That was the reason she made her move. Some names have appeared since then, such as Lara Adler (offers costly classes), Gimme the good stuff, and Nontoxu by Lisa Powers. Please, note that we don’t agree with all their product recommendations. We hope this will help!

  2. Irina: I took your suggestion and ordered Pact waffle jogger pants and henley tops to wear as PJs. They laundered well without loss of dye and didn’t even shrink. The pants run large and aren’t very flattering, but they are comfy and I’m keeping them. As I googled other organic cotton brands, I noticed a tricky use of language where they would say they manufacture to GOTS standards, rather than using the word “certified.” I find this misleading and I’m sure if the products were actually GOTS certified, they would advertise that!

  3. What about the dyes?
    Some Organic brands mention that they are using only organic, low impact, natural dyes.
    Does “100 got certified” is enouch? or should I search for the mention “organic low impact natural dyes”?
    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi, Shay, there is no such thing as organic dyes unless you are referring to organic chemistry. But you are right in an ideal world we want to look for GOTS-certified clothing or fabric. That way we know what it is the dyes are as safe as they can be, which will be low impact. You can also look for dye-free baby clothing. It exists. Let me know if you need further assistance. ~Irina

  4. Oh, I didn’t realize they weren’t certified. But I’ve purchased from them for several years and they do have info about fair trade and being organic. And the cotton is very soft. But if you wan’t GOTS certified there is disana for babies and children’s clothing. It is certified here: I believe all of their items are made in Germany.

    For adults there is also Engel. It is GOTS certified. All of the items I have purchased of theirs was made in Germany. I think all of their items are. They are really well made and I love them. If washed carefully they seem to last a long time. I have a zip up fleece, a sleeveless vest fleece and lots of underclothes. And they have a lot for children. They also sell baby blankets which are really nice too.

    The other company I have purchased from and have been happy with is Living Crafts. They are also GOTS certified and a German company. At least some of their clothing is made in China. So far I havent’t had any concerns once I read their info. They use 100% wind power. (I’d have to verify this, I read it on a different site – not theirs). They have baby, children, and adult clothing. They also have bedding and towels. I have purchased directly from their company in Germany and also from a few different retailers in the UK. (I live in the USA but often purchase from the UK). I’m pretty sure retailers in the USA sell their clothing also.

    Of all of these I prefer Pact, Bgreen and Engel but am happy with the other brands too. Best wishes & happy holidays.

  5. I love this company’s clothes. There is also a brand called bgreen that I like though it’s getting harder to find their products.

  6. I love pact clothing! thank you for recognizing them. I think their clothing is very inexpensive considering they’re organic and good quality, especially comparing to other companies selling organic clothing. I buy Hanna andersson clothing for my son and their prices for women’s organic clothing is very expensive although very good quality.