Cute Organic Clothes That Won’t Break the Bank

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Cute Organic Clothes That Won’t Break the BankIdeally, we want to wear beautiful clothes made of the material grown without toxic pesticides, heavy metal-containing fertilizers, and sewage water and processed without any harmful substances that can be absorbed via the skin, especially when you are sweating. And we also want to look good and we do not want to break the bank.  I might have found an organic clothes brand that meets all of these requirements.  Please read on.



What are organic clothes anyway? We can’t eat them.  Can they be organic?  And why is it important that clothes be organic?



Yes, clothing can be organic.



There is a comprehensive certification called GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) that inspects manufacturing at every stage from the harvesting of raw materials to the dyes, bleaches, and processing agents used in the finishes of the fabric.



Why is GOTS certification important? Because that way, we know that the raw materials used to make a fabric are not only grown without the use of toxic pesticides, fertilizers, and water but also is processed without the use of hazardous chemicals, including:


  • alkylphenols,
  • phthalates,
  • brominated and chlorinated flame retardants,
  • azo dyes,
  • organotin compounds,
  • perfluorinated chemicals,
  • chlorobenzenes,
  • chlorinated solvents,
  • chlorophenols,
  • short-chain chlorinated paraffin
  • and heavy metals including cadmium, chromium, mercury, and lead.


Yes, even lead…


These compounds are known to be toxic, persistent, bio-accumulative, carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic, and/or to act as hormone disruptors, and their use poses risks for the environment and human health (source).



For example, the European Union tested 9 national football jerseys.  The good news is that flame retardants, phthalates, arsenic, PAHs, formaldehyde, and azo dyes were either below the level of detection or were not there.  The bad news was that the tests revealed that 6 jerseys contained lead and one jersey contained antimony, another toxic heavy metal.  The organization recommended that athletes wash jerseys prior to wearing them, and that they wear cotton shirts underneath the jerseys when participating in sports, as this partially prevents the absorption of lead (source).



You might have heard that lead is toxic to the developing brain and nervous system in children.  But it does more harm than that.



The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified lead as “probably carcinogenic to humans” (source).



Recent epidemiological studies have shown that ongoing non-occupational exposure to lead is associated with higher death rates due to cancer (source).  This is probably because lead causes DNA damage and inhibits DNA repair.



(If you are a cancer patient or survivor, please contact me for a free consultation to identify the most impactful steps you can take right now to reduce exposure to cancer-feeding chemicals.)


Lead toxicity is also linked to the increased risk of autoimmune diseases (read more here and here).  Lead can hide in unexpected places.  We can go over the products you use to make sure that there are no hidden sources of exposure to lead and other heavy metals.  If you’d like my help in doing that, please schedule a coaching call with me here.)



Let’s talk about an organic clothes brand that I think you will like.



I first learned about the Wear Pact organic clothes brand a few years ago, and I bought organic yoga leggings and organic cotton t-shirts that I have been wearing almost exclusively around the house.  Recently, I also bought their underwear, too.  I like all their pieces.  They look good, are comfortable, and are of good quality.  None of the garments have unraveled over the years, and I wear them a lot.



Wear Pact carries a number of clothing pieces from underwear to outerwear for women, men, and kids.



Speaking from a safety standpoint, Wear Pact carries mainly three types of clothing:


  • Clothing made with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton
  • Clothing made with 95% GOTS-certified organic cotton
  • Clothing made with 70%-95% GOTS-certified organic cotton



Only a small percentage of Wear Pact clothing is not GOTS-certified.  Please read each product’s description page for more information on each garment.



Here, it is important to mention that GOTS certification has two levels:


  1. Organic: contains at least 95% certified organic fibers.
  2. Made with X percent organic materials: contains 70 to 95% certified organic fibers. The rest can be non-organic fibers, including some synthetic and recycled fibers.



In both cases, the non-organic fibers have to comply with the requirements of GOTS, which means that they should be free of the chemicals we talked about above.  That’s why I was very happy when I saw that Wear Pact garments carry GOTS certification.  It is so hard to find.



To make sure that a clothing brand is GOTS-certified, it is a good idea to search for it in the GOTS database.  I found the Wear Pact GOTS certification here.



Thus, Wear Pact has a variety of different options depending on how much organic cotton you want your clothing to contain.



Are Wear Pact organic clothes affordable?  They are not cheap but I believe they are not more expensive than conventional clothing. And the good news is that they have a clearance section and run frequent sales, especially now with the holidays upon us.


Where to Buy


So check out these organic clothes.  You can buy them on the Wear Pact website.


And as always, I welcome your questions and comments.

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7 thoughts on “Cute Organic Clothes That Won’t Break the Bank”

  1. I love pact clothing! thank you for recognizing them. I think their clothing is very inexpensive considering they’re organic and good quality, especially comparing to other companies selling organic clothing. I buy Hanna andersson clothing for my son and their prices for women’s organic clothing is very expensive although very good quality.

  2. I love this company’s clothes. There is also a brand called bgreen that I like though it’s getting harder to find their products.

  3. Oh, I didn’t realize they weren’t certified. But I’ve purchased from them for several years and they do have info about fair trade and being organic. And the cotton is very soft. But if you wan’t GOTS certified there is disana for babies and children’s clothing. It is certified here: I believe all of their items are made in Germany.

    For adults there is also Engel. It is GOTS certified. All of the items I have purchased of theirs was made in Germany. I think all of their items are. They are really well made and I love them. If washed carefully they seem to last a long time. I have a zip up fleece, a sleeveless vest fleece and lots of underclothes. And they have a lot for children. They also sell baby blankets which are really nice too.

    The other company I have purchased from and have been happy with is Living Crafts. They are also GOTS certified and a German company. At least some of their clothing is made in China. So far I havent’t had any concerns once I read their info. They use 100% wind power. (I’d have to verify this, I read it on a different site – not theirs). They have baby, children, and adult clothing. They also have bedding and towels. I have purchased directly from their company in Germany and also from a few different retailers in the UK. (I live in the USA but often purchase from the UK). I’m pretty sure retailers in the USA sell their clothing also.

    Of all of these I prefer Pact, Bgreen and Engel but am happy with the other brands too. Best wishes & happy holidays.

  4. What about the dyes?
    Some Organic brands mention that they are using only organic, low impact, natural dyes.
    Does “100 got certified” is enouch? or should I search for the mention “organic low impact natural dyes”?
    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi, Shay, there is no such thing as organic dyes unless you are referring to organic chemistry. But you are right in an ideal world we want to look for GOTS-certified clothing or fabric. That way we know what it is the dyes are as safe as they can be, which will be low impact. You can also look for dye-free baby clothing. It exists. Let me know if you need further assistance. ~Irina

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