Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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This Valentine’s Day Gift Guide will give you some good ideas for loving, caring, and non-toxic gifts for your romantic partners, friends, or yourself.  Some products have discount codes!  For more information on the products, read below.  To shop now for non-toxic skincare and makeup, click on the purple button ($10 off the first purchase of $50+).

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This Valentine’s Day Gift Guide will give you some good ideas for loving and caring, non-toxic gifts for your romantic partners, friends, or yourself.  The great news is that some of the products on the list have discount codes!

Vero Vino Wines

Vero Vino is an online boutique retailer of sustainable wines and organic olive oil that sells throughout the US to businesses and consumers alike.  They source delicious, sustainably-made wines and olive oils from farmer-artisans around the world.  They focus on wines that are not yet available on the US market.  Vero carries a variety of sustainable wines, including wines with no added sulfites, natural wines, lower alcohol wines, and even orange wine.  I think their products are really unique, and the ones I tried were delicious!  And, best of all, they were very affordable.  We thought the sparkling wines we received were better than Dom Perignon (which we have had once or twice on very special occasions (like when we became engaged), but candidly not quite as good as our favorite French bubbly).  Still, we really loved this rose sparkling Brut and crisp high-quality prosecco at a fraction of the price of a favorite splurge!

This is another great idea for a Valentine’s Day gift!  However, they do not ship wine to Utah or Mississippi due to government laws. Use the IREAD discount code for 10% off.  (And if you are curious why you can’t get wine in Utah or Mississippi, my husband will bore you with the history of wine law in the US if he ever traps you at a cocktail party; let me know if you need rescuing from him!)


Taza Chocolate offers a variety of USDA-certified organic, gluten-free chocolate and snacks for every taste and preference.  Taza Chocolate maintains direct relationships with their cacao farmers and pays a premium above the Fair-Trade price for their cacao.  They partner only with cacao producers who respect the rights of workers and the environment. Taza Chocolate minimally processes its chocolate, utilizing a stone-ground method that makes it flavor-rich.

The bad news is that chocolate is known to be contaminated with lead and cadmium.  In 2022, Consumer Reports tested 28 dark chocolate bars and found lead and cadmium in all of them.  However, the Taza chocolate bar was tested relatively low in lead and cadmium and was placed in the Safer Choices group.

To check out this delicious chocolate, click here.

Non-Toxic Massage Balls

Scoria, the maker of my favorite non-toxic yoga mats, also makes cork massage balls.  You can massage your shoulder blades, hamstrings, back, forearms, chest, hips, and feet by applying pressure against the wall or on the floor.  Experiment with the pressure applied and listen to your body, starting with light pressure first. They also ship to Canada.  Check out their cork message balls on the Scoria website.

Bubble Bath, Bath Salts, and Oils

Neal’s Yard Remedies, a UK-based company with long traditions of essential oils and plant-based skincare products, offers an excellent product collection for bath and essential oil lovers.  I love the fact that most of their essential oils are USDA-certified organic and some of their products are COSMOS organic.  The oils are distilled right at the farms while the plant matter is fresh.  Check out their enticing collection here.

Bath Bombs Gift Set

This perfect Valentine’s Day gift set includes 6 bombs with essential oils for getting well, muscle and joint relief, bedtime rituals, and just relaxation. Use the discount code Read12 to get 12% off.

Lightly Scented Candles

We reviewed numerous candles in the Non-Toxic Candles: a Deep Dive into the Candle Industry blog post.  My favorite candles that I use at home are Fontana and Natural Sloth. These candles are perfect for creating a romantic and safe ambiance for people who do not like a strong scent.

Heart Pillows

Holy Lamb offers heart-shaped pillows for a limited time.  They are made of eco-wool. They are soft and cuddly.  Check them out here.

Beauty Products

I know that gifting skincare and makeup products is not an easy task as everyone has individual preferences. That’s why I chose three clean beauty products that I think most women will appreciate.  Crunchi Goldenlight Multi-Peptide Serum (helps me look younger in my late forties) and Crunchi Lip Crayons.

For more ideas, feel free to browse the shop section of my website.  Happy Valentine’s Day!