Meliora Stain Remover

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Meliora stain remover is effective and non-toxic and comes as a soap stick in plastic-free packaging.  The main ingredient is saponified organic coconut oil, aka sodium cocoate.  In my experience, it has worked very well even on mildew fabric stains and salad dressing stains.  For a liquid option, check out Pure Haven stain remover.  For more information, read below.

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Meliora does not use any plastic in the packaging of all its products, and I consider ALL Meliora products safe.  Check out Meliora all-purpose cleaner, Meliora laundry powder, Meliora bath and body soap bar, and Meliora dish soap barNote: since Meliora’s products are soap-based, they may not work well in hard water.  (Use help getting a water softener.)  Read my full review of Meliora eco non-toxic cleaning products.