Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

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  • Epic Pure water filter pitcher uses a solid carbon block filter, not granular, which is more effective at removing contaminants because it has a larger carbon surface and there are no channels through which contaminants can sneak in.
  • It is made in the US.
  • Just like most water filter pitchers and AquaTru Reverse Osmosis water filters, its container is made of a plastic called Tritan. It is supposed to be free of endocrine-disrupting chemicals. However, some independent researchers disagree (source). I recommend not storing water in the filter and transferring it into a glass container.
  • Just like Clearly Filtered (a widely promoted water pitcher by many bloggers), it is not certified by NSF.
  • I love that Modern Castle included and tested the Epic water filter pitcher along with 9 other water pitchers.
  • Modern Castle used Tap Score water testing service and found the following: 1. Epic Pure pitcher removed 66.67% of fluoride.  Keep in mind the WaterDrop filter pitcher, which got the best score did not remove any fluoride. The only water pitcher that removed 100% of fluoride was Zero Water pitcher but it did poorly with disinfecting by-products. 2. It removed 100% of uranium, disinfection by-products chemicals (e.g. total TMHs and chloroform), copper, and boron. 3.  It didn’t add any chemicals to the filtered water.  4.  It did not do well with strontium.
  • Overall, it received the second-best score.  Keep in mind the WaterDrop filter pitcher, which got the best score removed only 92.37% of copper and did not remove boron.
  • I also love the fact that the Epic filter pitcher kept the beneficial minerals, calcium and magnesium.
  • You can see the Epic Pure Tap Score test report here and the comparative analysis of the results here. To better understand the test results, please watch and read the Modern Castle water pitcher testing study.
  • By the way, I do not promote Clearly Filtered water pitchers because they do not disclose what filtration technology they use, and they declined my offer to test their water pitcher with the Tap Score to compare it with the other 10 pitchers Modern Castle tested.  If you use their water filter on a regular basis, I highly recommend that you test it with the Tap Score service.
  • To learn more about WaterDrop pitcher, click here.
  • In conclusion, based on the Modern Castle testing, I prefer Epic Pure pitcher over WaterDrop, mainly because it did a much better job with fluoride.   But if your water is not fluoridated and strontium is an issue, you might want to choose a WaterDrop filter pitcher then.
  • Keep in mind that water filter works differently on different water; therefore, it is best to test your tap and filtered water to know how the filter works on your water. The best water testing service I was able to find is Tap Score.
  • I use a water filter pitcher when traveling. At home, we have an under-the-sink water filter.  You can learn about the water filter that I tested, use, and like here.


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