Meliora Dish Soap Bar

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  • Meliora dish soap is the safest dish soap I have ever seen.
  • It has no synthetic fragrance, no dyes, no preservatives, and no ethoxylated ingredients or any other ingredients that may contribute to health problems.
  • It is soap made with organic sunflower and coconut oils.
  • It comes unscented or scented with organic lemon peel essential oil.
  • I highly appreciate the fact that there is no plastic packaging.  In fact, the Meliora company is plastic-free.
  • I also love it because it lathers well and does not get soggy!
  • To prevent the dish soap from sitting in water, I recommend using a soap dish that drains well.
  • I studied the ingredients of all Meliora products and deemed them safe for our health and the planet.

To learn how this toxin-free dish soap compares with many others, take a look at my Non-Toxic Dishwashing Soap Guide.

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