Volumizing Mascara

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Ilia Beauty Fullest Volumizing mascara uses safe preservatives and contains no synthetic pigments. It does not shed or leak and adds sufficient volume. I have been using it for a while now and like the dimension it gives to my lashes. For more information, read below.

More info

The preservatives used in Ilia volumizing mascara are some of the safest: benzyl alcohol and caprylhydroxamic acid. Some manufacturers do not list preservatives in their water-based products.  Preservatives are super important, though, especially when it comes to mascaras because having an eye infection is not fun.

Ilia mascara does not contain any synthetic petroleum dyes/pigments, which is great.  Note, though, that Ilia uses some synthetic dyes in some other makeup products.  Therefore, I do not approve of all Ilia makeup products.

After I study the ingredients of makeup products, I look into heavy metal contaminants. It is best when a company uses high-purity pigments and 3rd party tests for heavy metals.

Ilia Beauty informed me that test their products for heavy metals and provided me with a sample of a test report.

To learn more about heavy metals in makeup and mineral pigments vs synthetic dyes, read my Heavy Metals in Makeup blog post.