Gentle Makeup Remover

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Pure Haven makeup remover is made with gentle, non-irritating organic rose water and organic plant extracts. It comes in an amber glass bottle made from recycled materials. I have looked into the ingredients of all Pure Haven products and consider them safe. Personally, I have been using Pure Haven products for years. For more information, read below.

More info

I trust Pure Haven because:

  • They use their own USDA-certified organic manufacturing facility to make most of their products.
  • They use the services of a 3rd party laboratory to test their products for contaminants.
  • They purify water for their products using a multi-stage technology.

Additionally, shopping with Pure Haven is convenient because they carry hair care and skin care as well as home cleaners. My favorites include face cleanser with pre-probiotics, body butter with pre-probiotics, Master Blaster stain remover, and  Supergreens shampoo  Learn more in my Pure Haven Review. Also, contact me if you would like to buy their products at a wholesale discount or create extra income.