Water Pitcher with Filter

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WaterDrop water pitcher uses a multi-stage water filter technology: non-woven fabric, ion-exchange resin, activated carbon fiber, and coconut activated carbon.  It is better to store your filtered water in a glass jar.  WaterDrop was tested by Modern Castle along with 9 other water pitchers and got the highest score.  Learn about Epic Pure, the second-best water filter pitcher.  For more information, read below.

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WaterDrop water pitcher with filter uses a multi-stage water filter technology: non-woven fabric, ion-exchange resin, activated carbon fiber, and coconut activated carbon.  Unlike Clearly Filtered (a widely promoted water pitcher by many bloggers), it is certified by NSF. Specifically, it is certified to NSF 42 standard to reduce chlorine, taste, and odor as well as to NSF 372 standard to make sure the water pitcher components do not leach any lead.

I like the fact that Modern Castle tested the Waterdrop water pitcher along with 9 other water pitchers and that it acquired the highest Tap Score score.  Modern Castle used Tap Score water testing service and the main takeaways were: 1. The WaterDrop filter pitcher removed 100% of uranium, disinfection by-products such as total THMs and chloroform, which is what the second-best Epic water pitcher did as well.  3. Unlike Epic pitcher that removed 100% of copper and boron, it removed only 92.37% of copper and did not remove boron. 3. Unlike the Epic water pitcher, the WaterDrop pitcher did not remove fluoride.  The Epic pitcher removed 66.67% of fluoride.  For your reference, the only water pitcher that removed 100% was the Zero Water pitcher but it did poorly with disinfecting by-products.  The great news is that WaterDrop did not leach any contaminants into the water.  You can see the Modern Castle comparative analysis of the test results here. To better understand the test results, please watch and read the Modern Castle water pitcher testing study.

In an ideal world, it is best to test your water twice: before filtering and after. This will help you know how the filter works on YOUR water because the same water filter can work very differently on different water. The best water testing service I have been able to find is Tap Score.

By the way, I do not promote Clearly Filtered water pitchers because they do not disclose what filtration technology they use, and they declined my offer to test their water pitcher with the Tap Score to compare it with the other 10 pitchers Modern Castle tested.  If you use their water filter on a regular basis, I highly recommend that you test it with the Tap Score service.

Just like all the other water filter pitchers I have seen, the WaterDrop container is made of plastic. To be on the safe side, I think it is a good idea not to store water in the pitcher and transfer it into a glass container.

To read more about the second-best water pitcher, Epic water filter pitcher, click here. 

We use a water filter pitcher when we travel. At home, we have an under-the-sink water filter.  You can learn about the under-the-sink water filter that I tested and like here.