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rina's Resource Lounge ConsultingWhat if shopping can be a breeze?


What if you had a trusted, vigilant, and thoroughly independent voice, at your fingertips, to distill it all and present you clear, actionable choices and step-by-step advice, instantly?


What if you knew you were making the most important changes first? Your commitment to toxin-free living doesn’t have to mean mind-numbing hours of research, draining internal debate, or hassle. When you have clarity and the products you need, you can begin advancing on the path of healthy living today!


  • Hire me to gain clarity and receive guidance on specific product, brand, or product category.  A recent client, for example, wanted to find a non-toxic queen sized mattress for under $2,000.  She retained me, and I did several hours of research, and found one she bought for $1,950 – a very satisfied client! Contact me.


  • What if your test results show concerning levels of toxicants? Hire me to help you locate their sources and use safe alternatives. Contact me.


  • What if your functional doctor tells you that because of your diagnoses you can’t be exposed to toxic substances in your home.  Pick my brain about powerful changes you can make. Contact me.


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After you have contacted me and confirmed with me that I am available for consultation, please make a payment via Paypal (you do not have to have a Paypal account).


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