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  1. Super helpful tips. I can say I’ve fallen into many of the traps you spoke about with thinking it was ‘safe’ because of being free from many chemicals that are on high alert, but there is much more to it to keep ourselves, but more importantly our children safe. Thanks for all the great information!

  2. I’ve been entrusting of marketing claims for a while now and appreciate your guidance, Irina on how to manage this.

    Also, I contacted an Australian company that claims to make all natural products about their baby wipes to clarify two ingredients which, I learned from your website, may be affected by the way they’re processed. I recieved what I recognised as a generic response. So I applied a second technique I’ve learned from you – I’ve responded asking how the ingredients are created otherwise. While their first response was quite prompt, five days later I have no reply to my follow up email. So I’ve purchased wipes elsewhere, from one of the top rated on your list after confirming for myself which I’d prefer to go with. I’ve also bought better nappies (diapers) from them too.

  3. Thank you! Very helpful!
    What sbout stainless steel bottles for baby bottles or toddlers’ sippy cups/straw cups? Any brands you’d recommend if you think stainless stewl is an option?

  4. I just wanted to tell you this was a very helpful tip, to not judge a book by its cover or marketing claims. Omission of information is one the hardest things to watch out for when doing research on products, sometimes I assume that all companies are transparent . Secondly, I appreciate the affordability of both recommendations listed, these are two products I can comfortably purchase on our limited budget or list on a registry for family and friends. Thank you for keeping budgets in mind and also using what we already have to put on our registry. Mason jars as bottles, brilliant! Transitioning to a non-toxic home and products does not have to break the bank ! Thank you Irina for your research.