Henne Organics Lip Care and Lip Tints

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  • Henne Organics carries 4 lip care products (lip balm, lip exfoliator, lip mask, and lip serum), lip tints, and hand cream
  • The lip balm and lip mask are made not only made with organic ingredients but are certified organic by the USDA.
  • The lip serum and lip exfoliator are made mostly with organic ingredients.
  • The lip serum and lip exfoliator contain organic flavors, which are much better than regular flavors, yet they are still a mixture of undisclosed ingredients, which is not ideal.
  • The lip tints contain only mineral pigments, no synthetic dyes.
  • Henne Organics 3rd party tested lip tints for heavy metals and shared the heavy metal reports with me.  The heavy metals levels were either non-detectable or insignificant.
  • Henne Organics tested its safe lip tints for organic fluorine, a proxy for toxic PFAS chemicals. Mamavation featured Henne Organics lip tints in her PFAS study in the best category because they had no detectable levels of organic fluorine, which is an indicator of PFAS associated with infertility, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, diabetes, impaired immunity, and cancers. You can read more about the study in the Environmental Health News.
  • I also love the fact that the lip care products and lip tints are packaged in glass so you won’t be contributing to plastic pollution.
  • I use the Desire lip tint and like how moisturizing it is and how natural it looks.  It is perfect for you if you want to add a little color to your lips without making it obvious that you wear makeup.
  • The lip tint is my second favorite after Crunchi lip gloss.

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