Hair Color Restorer

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Hairprint hair color restorer works for no more than 50% gray hair on light brown, brown, and black hair and the result gets better after several uses. I have used Hairprint hair color restorer and liked the way my hair looked afterwards, but I wish the application and the coloring process were less time-consuming and messy.  You can see my before and after shots in my Hairprint: Restoring Your Hair Natural Color review. For more information, read below.

More info

If you like to or must use a permanent hair color, you can choose a safer option with my Permanent Hair Color Rating List e-book.  For this e-book, I researched about 30 permanent hair colors and rated them for safety based on their ingredients.  Some of them use less harsh chemicals than others, so you will be able to select a safer permanent hair color for yourself!

In addition to Hairprint hair color restorer, Hairprint carries other products, and I deem all Hairprint products safe, for example Hairprint shampoos and conditioners.