Plant-Based Hair Color

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Find options of plant-based hair color products sold on Amazon, researched and vetted for safety, in the “hair products” section of the I Read Labels for You Amazon shop.  To learn about my unique product research method, please visit the Start Here page.  For more information on henna vs permanent hair color, read below.


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The henna or henna-based coloring products in this section are USDA certified organic without any chemical ingredients.  Some of them are also ECOCERT certified.  The products contain powder that you mix with water and apply to your scalp and hair.  There are multiple shades, too.

I consider plant-based hair color, such as henna, the safest option for coloring hair.  Yet, since people are different, there may be (though, rare) cases of an allergic reaction to henna.  And the application process may seem too messy and time-consuming.

Additionally, plant-based hair color cannot radically alter your hair shade from, say, black to blonde.  If you want that kind of change, you will need to resort to permanent hair color.  Also, if you have a lot of grey hair and/or want to use permanent hair color, you can choose a safer option with the help of my Permanent Hair Color Rating List e-book.

In this Permanent Hair Rating List, I rate the safety of dozens of permanent hair colors based on their ingredients and specify safer options.  Remember that there are no safe permanent hair colors because they all contain chemicals.  However, some use less harmful chemicals than others, and you can learn about that in detail in my Permanent Hair Color Rating List e-book.

Also, I update my Amazon Shop frequently, so feel free to check back for new additions!