Best Lip Balms

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In our opinion, the best lip balms have natural and organic ingredients, and have no synthetic dyes, undisclosed dyes, undisclosed fragrances or “natural flavors.”  Some products to consider:

For more information and product options, read below.

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The best lip balms have all natural ingredients; those ingredients that can be organic, are organic; have no synthetic dyes or undisclosed dyes; have no undisclosed fragrances or “natural flavors.”

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Kosmatology Lip Balm

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Pure Haven Lip Balm

Below is an overview of the lip balms that have not reached the best category.

In our opinion:


❌ Synthetic dyes (for product aesthetics)
❌ Undisclosed or synthetic fragrance
❌ Undisclosed flavors
❌ Petroleum-based ingredients (e.g. mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin): may contain carcinogenic contaminants if not well refined


✅ No synthetic dyes (for product aesthetics)
❌ Not all ingredients are natural
❌ Petroleum ingredients
❌ Undisclosed fragrances or “Natural Flavors”


✅ No synthetic dyes
✅ No petroleum
✅ All natural ingredients
❌ Not Organic
❌ “Natural Flavor” (undisclosed, but “natural”)


✅ Meets “Almost Better” requirements
✅ Partially organic
❌”Natural Flavor” (undisclosed but “natural”)


✅ Meets all “Better” requirements
✅USDA Organic, but still contains  ❌“Natural Flavors”
✅Free of “Natural Flavors” but ❌ Not entirely organic