Easy Holiday Gift Guide

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In this easy holiday gift guide you will find various non-toxic products for various budgets and discount codes for some of them.  I own and use most of what is on this holiday gift idea list.  For an easy access to the products and more information, read below.  To shop now for a variety of non-toxic products, including cleaning sets, baby care sets, and skincare sets, click on the purple button.

More info

This easy holiday gift guide is a result of a decade-long research project that never stops.  The great news is that many of the products on the list have discount codes!

As it happens, I own and use most of what is on this holiday gift idea list.  To my knowledge, none of the practical and well-performing products you find here have any ingredients or materials of concern.  Consequently, there is hardly any potential increase of the risk of cancer, hormone disruption, and allergic reactions.  Hence, you can feel good about giving a holiday present from this list to your loved ones.

I have grouped the products in this holiday gift guide according to your budgetary needs and spheres of application.  Thus, two major categories are non-toxic products under $35 and non-toxic products over $35.  Click on any category in the table of contents below to jump to the holiday gift guide.

  1. I share my research with you to help you make safer choices.
  2. Home and wardrobe holiday gift ideas under $35
  3. Essential oils and candles are great ideas for presents under $35.
  4. Kitchen holiday gift ideas under $35
  5. Mugs, water bottles, and storage containers are great options under $35.
  6. Non-toxic skin care holiday gift ideas under $35
  7. Non-toxic skin care ideas under $35 for men
  8. Makeup holiday gift options under $35
  9. Options for kids and pets under $35
  10. Non-toxic home and wardrobe holiday gift ideas over $35
  11. Sheets, pillows, comforters, mattresses, and bed frames as bedroom options over $35
  12. Non-toxic kitchen holiday gift ideas over $35
  13. Cookware and dinnerware options over $35
  14. Other fun holiday gift ideas over $35
  15. Options for kids and pets over $35
  16. My top favorite non-toxic beauty brands for holiday present options over $35
  17. Other options of non-toxic beauty products over $35
  18. Books on women’s and babies’ health for holiday gift ideas
  19. Books on recovering from potentially incurable diseases
  20. Books on gut health and cooking
  21. Conclusion of the best non-toxic holiday gift ideas guide