AWG Bakery Gluten-Free Bread

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  • AWG Bakery gluten-free bread is made of organic ingredients
  • This bread is rice- and grain-free as well.
  • I love the fact the bread is high in fiber.
  • For the oil, AWG Bakery uses organic olive oil.
  • In fact, this gluten-free bread is consistent with epinutrient diet described in detail in the book Younger You: Reduce Your Bio Age and Live Longer, Better by Dr. Fitzgerald.  In short, epinutrients are capable of changing how your DNA is expressed and hence help us be healthy and young.
  • The bread tastes delicious!
  • Because you have to pay for shipping, I buy 4-6 loaves at once and freeze them.  They remain fresh in a freezer.  Yes, it is expensive but for me, it is worth it, and I am glad I found this very yummy bread.
  • I also love that it comes in biodegradable packaging!

Please use the discount code IREAD10 for 10% off.

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