Simple Kneads Gluten-Free Bread

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  • Rice-free and gluten-free bread
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Comes in cases of four loaves
  • Dense and moist with crust on the outside
  • Offers three kinds: sourdough, quinoa, pumpkin seed
  • Baked with whole grains without processed starches or gums
  • It is the only gluten-free and rice-free bread made with organic ingredients that I have found so far.  I love it!  It is tasty, and I eat it every day.   I also take it on road trips.  I keep the loaves I am not eating at the moment in the freezer.  When thawed, the bread is as good as fresh. 

To learn about gluten-free protein powder, read my post Clean Protein Powder Guide.

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