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  1. jackie swoiskin

    Hello Irina. We have been using a Lisa Jenks designed flatware that has a decorative oxidized design. Would you be able to determine if there is some toxicity in this area?
    thank you.
    mark and jackie swoiskin

  2. hi, I just wanted to say thank you soo much for your review! I was doing so much research on sustainable yoga mats but none of the reviews went into the depth and detail that I needed.. and then I finally found yours and bought a scoria Mat! Thanks so much!! It’s nice to know that others realize how important the details are. Thank you so much for your research it really impacted my life in such a positive way and I am so thankful!

      1. Hello Irina,
        I read your blog and I am very interested to purchase your permanent colour book. Is it still available at the moment?

        Kind regards,

  3. Oh, thanks for your input on the cast iron skillets, years ago b4 I knew how to use them, I was wondering why they always rusted on me, well, that’s because I always “washed” them with soap and hot water, lol, well, now I know better, but I didn’t know about the smelly foods, actually I’ve never had an issue, I use lots of onions and garlic in my food as well as frying catfish, salmon and tilapia; my mom only used cast iron and everything was cooked in them, we never tasted the previous foods when a new food was cook. I thinking about going back to using cast iron, now that I know how to clean them, lol. My mom never told me not to wash them, lol.thanks

  4. Hello Irina! I would just like to say that I am so overjoyed that I found your blog. After reading your research on cookware, I am amazed on how well you know the topic and done your research! This is truly a very well and in depth research on the topic. Not many bloggers or customer service reps know about stainless steel and the fact that it does leach metal. Thank you so much for doing what you do. It is serving the public so much ❤️👏🏼!

  5. Hi Irina!

    I would like to see if you know anything about Seint
    Skincare line? It does say in the list of ingredients it contains fragrance but I am not sure where it is derived from.

  6. Hi! I’m new to your site. What are your thoughts on electric kettles / water boilers? These have the nice safety feature that they automatically turn off once the water is boiling hot. Based on my online searches and product reviews, I cannot find a single one without some amount of plastic (despite what manufacturers advertise). Have you been down this rabbit hole? What are your thoughts.
    Thanks! T

  7. Irina,

    You are providing a great service to those of us who are too busy with living life to ensure that we are living it in the most healthy way. Thank you for your tons of research, compilation and time in order to provide us with concise in-depth reviews of products that we use daily. You are at the top of my list when I look for small changes in everyday products that can make a positive healthy impact.

    Keep it coming!

    PS If you can update the Hair Color Rating to include Redkin, Joico or Keune brands I will repurchase the list!

    1. Hello, Wanda! We appreciate your kind comment and are glad our research helps you make informed decisions! Thank you for the hair dye ideas – we will look into those!

  8. Irina,
    I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much your work truly matters in a world where safe, healthy and clean usually do not fit into a company’s mission statement.
    You are such a Beacon of Light in that darkness. Thank you for all that you do and may you be richly blessed for all of your contribution. God Bless

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