Non-Toxic Shave Cream Options

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You will find out the best non-toxic shave creams.  What you see in the picture is my typical Instagram post where in my opinion I classify popular brands into 4 categories based on the safety of their ingredients.

Personally, my husband and I believe that any soap or wash that lathers well can be used as a shave cream.  We use bar soap to wash our hands and bodies, and we use the same bar soap for shaving as well.  My current favorite bar soap is made by Pure Haven.  You can find many other safe bar soap products as well liquid washes on the website.  You can take a look at the shop section and/or type your search words in the website search engine located at the top right corner.

As for the products that are specifically designed for shaving, here are some of the safest popular options.

Beautycounter Counterman Smoothing Shave Cream


This product is designed for men to shave their faces.  With this said, that does not mean that women cannot use it.  It contains menthol to create a cooling effect.  Please check it out on the Beautycounter website.  Know that I do not approve of all Beautycounter products.  You can learn as to why that is in my Honest Beautycounter Review.


Beauty by Earth Shaving Soap Bar


This is a soap bar that lathers well and thus makes a great non-toxic shave cream.  I like that most of its plant ingredients are organic. The scent comes from essential oils.  You can buy it on the Beauty by Earth website and use the discount code READ12 for 12% off. 


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