Annmarie Skincare

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  • Annmarie offers a variety of facial oils and serums
  • Made of organic or wildcrafted plant ingredients, but I wish they differentiated between the two
  • Carries pH-balanced cleansers and offers a variety of products for many different tastes
  • There seems to be nothing harmful in their products. I say “seems” because they use a lot of botanical extracts, which is good on the one hand, but, on the other hand, even botanicals may cause issues.
  • I used a few products a while back and remember liking them especially their Annmarie Probiotic Serum with Tremella – Bio Facial Elixir, which contains Tremella Fuciformis (Tremella Mushroom) Extract. It has superior hydrating, nourishing, skin elasticity improvement, skin healing, and skin-brightening properties.​

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