Bobbie Organic Baby Formula

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Bobbie is USDA-certified organic baby formula. Pasture-raised organic milk is used, which is unprecedented.

It is the best organic baby formula I have found so far that is made in the US.

It does not have controversial palm oil. There is a 2003 study that shows that palm oil interferes with calcium absorption and therefore decreases bone mineralization/density. However, a 2005 study showed no effect on bone mineralization/density. Note that the babies were fed with a formula containing palm oil for the first 4 months of their lives only.

I like the fact that the only carbohydrate used is organic lactose.  There are no other sweeteners such as maltodextrin or corn syrup.

I am glad that the formula does not contain any rice ingredients due to the fact that rice can contain heavy metals such as arsenic.

And it does not contain starches or fillers that do not have any nutritional value.

I also love the fact that Bobbie baby formula was the first US formula to receive the Clean Label Project Purity Award and Certification as pesticide-free baby formula.

Know that I am not a medical doctor, so be sure to advise your pediatrician on the formula that is best for your baby. For example, while organic lactose is a great naturally occurring carbohydrate in milk, some babies might be better off without it.

With this said, let me address a frequently asked question about Earth’s Best organic baby formulas.

In February 2022, Hain Celestial Group Inc., the maker of a variety of Earth’s Best organic infant formulas, was the latest company to be hit with a proposed class-action suit in a New York federal court, alleging it misleads parents into believing its premium baby foods are healthy, nutritious, and non-toxic, when they actually contain undisclosed dangerous levels of lead and other toxic heavy metals. Read more here.

Gerber Products Co. and Beech-Nut Nutrition Co. also face similar suits.

Coincidently, before these lawsuits, in 2019, an organization called Healthy Babies Bright Futures (HBBF) released a report on new tests of 168 baby foods for heavy metals.

13 baby formulas, including Earth’s Best Organic Sensitivity – DHR/ARA Infant Formula with Iron Organic Milk-Based Powder, were tested for arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury. All of them had detectable levels of the heavy metals; however, none of them had levels that exceeded European levels of lead and cadmium in baby food and proposed levels of arsenic by the FDA.  The Earth’s Best formula did not have the highest levels of heavy metals.  You can see the report here.

The Healthy Babies Bright Future’s suggestions for parents included reducing the consumption of rice-based baby foods and choosing filtered water over juices. They did not have any actionable advice regarding infant formulas.

All in all, my recommendation is to choose the infant formula that your baby is thriving on.

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