European Organic Baby Formula

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For European organic baby formula options, check out Loulouka (Switzerland) and Kendamil (UK) at My Organic Company online retail store.  Neither of them has palm oil, unnecessary starches or fillers, and they both use whole milk rather than skim milk, which means less vegetable oils.  For a US organic baby formula, look at the Bobbie organic baby formula.    Be sure to consult with your pediatrician to choose the organic baby formula that is best for your baby.  Shop now at My Organic Company store with my IREAD5 discount code for 5% off.  For more information, read below.

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My Organic Company, an online retail store, offers many European organic baby formula options. My favorite European organic baby formulas are made by Loulouka and Kendamil.  Loulouka formulas are made in Switzerland, and Kendamil formulas are made in Great Britain.

Both Loulouka and Kendamil have no controversial palm oil. There is a 2003 study that shows that palm oil interferes with calcium absorption and therefore decreases bone mineralization/density.  However, a 2005 study showed no effect on bone mineralization/density.  Note that the babies were fed with a formula containing palm oil for the first 4 months of their lives only.

As typical European formulas, these organic baby formulas contain organic whole milk rather than skim milk, which means it needs less vegetable oils.

I also love the fact that lactose is the carbohydrate/sweetener in Loulouka stage 1, Loulouka goat milk stage 1 and 2 and in Kendamil stage 1, 2, and 3.

Loulouka stages 2 and 3 have maltodextrin.

Both Loulouka and Kendamill offer goat milk baby formulas for easier digestion.  Loulouka goat milk formulas are EU certified organic.

Both brands contain no unnecessary starches or fillers.

Kendamil formulas contain organic prebiotics made from 100% whole milk.

Please consult with your pediatrician to choose the organic baby formula that is best for your baby.

Keep in mind that the FDA doesn’t approve European formulas, and doesn’t inspect imported formula for safety.  Thus, it’s impossible to know whether European formulas were transported under safe temperature conditions.

The main differences between US and EU baby formulas:

  1. EU brands offer more goat milk and milk from pasture-raised cows.
  2. The EU bans many sugars allowed in US formulas, such as corn syrup, and requires that at least 30% of the carbohydrates come from lactose.
  3. Many US formulas contain more iron than their EU counterparts do.
  4. The EU requires DHA in much higher levels than are found in most US formulas.

And finally, if you are looking for a US organic baby formula that adheres to high standards, take a look at the Bobbie organic baby formula.

My Organic Company Store sells many other European baby formulas. Use my IREAD5 discount code for 5% off.