Proven Insect Repellent with Picaridin

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  • Proven Insect Repellent spray protects against mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and listed insects.
  • It contains 20% picaridin.
  • 20% Picaridin should be effective as DEET; however, it has low toxicity.
  • It does not have neurotoxicity concerns as DEET, and skin irritation is rare.
  • I like the fact that this product is odorless.
  • Keep in mind that inactive ingredients are not fully disclosed.  This is the case with all the other DEET or Picaridin bug repellents I have seen.
  • Be sure to follow the directions for use.

You can read more about bug repellents and find help with determining the level of risk of insect-borne diseases in your area in my Best Non-Toxic Bug Spray Guide.

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