Your Savvy Consumer Superpower

Estimate a Product's Safety in Seconds

Have you ever caught yourself standing in an aisle with a personal care product in your hand for what seems to be an ETERNITY?  Then, not even sure why, you put it back on the shelf, reach out for another one, and the process repeats. 

Yes, you’re trying to be a mindful consumer and purchase a product based on its ingredients, not the hype and advertisement.  So, you read the ingredients, but feel defeated by these long lists of unpronounceable terms – they just don’t make sense!  How on earth are you supposed to know whether they’re SAFE?!

And now imagine a different scenario.  You pick a shampoo, conditioner, lotion, cream, or liquid foundation and in a matter of a few seconds you can decide if it’s safe or harmful.  It’s possible with this SUPER EASY method!

You’ll be able to spot potentially harmful personal care or skincare products that may cause irritation and an allergic reaction, or increase the risk of immune suppression or hormone disruption or even cancer.
You’ll also get a Superpower PROMPT SHEET using which you can check the ingredients of the products you are currently using at home.  You can carry it in your purse, so when you consider making a purchase at a store, you can choose wisely.
I was able to create this method because I’ve been reading and researching product ingredients as a full-time occupation since 2012.

I love EWG (lots of great info) but find it overwhelming to look up each ingredient of a product in the Skin Deep database. This means that I missed a lot of toxic ingredients. The Superpower is great because it is easy to refer to. I’ve become more diligent with my products.

Roberta Holstein​​ - Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
Karen Quinlan Testimonial for Fresh Start Cancer Survivor's Blueprint to a Healthier Home

I keep the SuperPower Cheat Sheet with me in my purse, cuz we all know a lady never goes anywhere without her purse. Am I right!? I take it out whenever I am buying body care products and home cleaning products and check the label in the store. I do have the Think Dirty App, but always forget about it because I am not an App Kind of Gal… that’s why I love the cheatsheet. It makes me feel empowered… so the SuperPower name is appropriate!

Karen Quinlan​​ - Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Founder of Karen's Pure Balance

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