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Shiny, Smooth, and Thicker Hair With Boar Hairbrush

Boar HairbrushI recently learned that you can make your hair shiny, smooth, and thicker without the use of any styling products, simply by using a hairbrush made of boar’s hair. Getting rid of styling products will save you money and prevent you from exposing yourself to toxic ingredients that many styling products may contain. Also, your hair will be much healthier. There are other numerous benefits to using a boar hairbrush, which I am excited to tell you about.

I had read a while ago about the benefits of using a boar hairbrush. So, I bought one, but was not impressed with the results. It turned out, I bought the wrong brush! My boar hairbrush was not 100% boar hair, which prevented me from taking advantage of the benefits of using a boar hairbrush. Many so-called boar hairbrushes contain nylon bristles, which helps to detangle and brush your hair all the way through. If you have longer and thicker hair, I highly recommend using a detangling hair comb or brush before using a 100% boar hairbrush. You can also use your fingers to detangle your hair, too.

Boar Hairbrush Benefits

  1. Shine: My hair is so much shinier. And I did not change any styling products or shampoo. It is amazing.
  2. Frizziness Reduction: Especially on the top, I had some shorter hair sticking out. What made it worse is that those few gray hairs I have would stand up, which made it obvious that I have gray hair. With the help of the boar hairbrush, my hair, including the gray hairs, lay down, which I am very happy about.
  3. It takes less time to blow dry hair: In my busy schedule, I have very little time for beauty. So I was very happy to learn that by using a boar hairbrush, I dry my hair at least 200% more quickly. I think because of the nature of boar hair bristles, they remove moisture, which makes finishing up with a hairdryer a snap. And another benefit is that you use less electricity!
  4. Boar hairbrush straightens the hair: If I do not blow my hair dry, my hair has some curl or frizz to it, which looks untidy. I use a big round hairbrush and it takes me 5 big rolls and a few strokes of brushing to completely straighten my hair. The whole procedure takes not more than 5 minutes to brush and blow dry my hair.
  5. Boar hairbrush makes hair fuller: After a quick blow dry, my hair is not only straighter and less frizzy but it also appears to have more volume. Before starting using a boar hairbrush, I thought that it might be time for a haircut. It turned out I can wear longer hair without looking untidy – great news!
  6. Boar hairbrushes keep your hair clean longer: Frequent shampooing can strip your hair of natural oils, but I just can’t stand greasy hair. When my hair is greasy, I feel completely unattractive. By brushing my hair a few times a day, I was able to go from shampooing my hair pretty much every other day to twice a week. The reason is that boar hair bristles grab natural oil from your scalp and transport it to the ends of your hair.
  7. Boar hairbrush makes your hair healthy: The ability to transport and distribute oil along your hair brings natural nutrition to the hair. I tried using a blend of oils but it always seemed to me that either I did not use enough or I used too much, making my hair greasy. And buying fewer products is always good for your pocket and the environment. Also, because boar hairbrushes are gentle, you won’t break or damage your hair.


How to choose boar hairbrush in an ideal world


  1. 100% Boar Hairbrush: You want to make sure that a boar hairbrush is a 100% boar hairbrush. Boar hairbrushes with added nylon bristles won’t work.
  2. Plastic-free: All types of plastic may leach synthetic estrogen, which you can be exposed to by holding the handle. Skin absorbs whatever you put on it. And of course, using plastic products contributes to environmental pollution.
  3. Antibacterial-free: Some boar hairbrushes may boast antibacterial properties of the handle, which might be another absolutely unnecessary use of hormone-disrupting triclosan. Make sure that there is no triclosan in your boar hairbrush.
  4. Not made in China: Products made in China often have poor standards and transportation adds environmental pollution. I have to admit that sometimes it is impossible to find a product not made in China.
  5. Good quality: While choosing a boar hairbrush, you want to make sure that the bristles won’t fall out.
  6. Ethically sourced: Because boar bristles come from animals, we want to make sure that the hair is sourced in an ethical manner.

Next we will talk about specific boar hairbrushes. In the meantime, let you me if you tried a boar hairbrush and what you think about it. Is your hairbrush environmentally friendly and ethically sourced?

For specific boar hairbrush recommendations, please visit here.



3 thoughts on “Shiny, Smooth, and Thicker Hair With Boar Hairbrush”

  1. Girl, are you reading my mind?! 🙂 It seems that every time I think of something, I get an email from your blog and sure enough there is info about the thing I thought. And that’s awesome! I have heard about the benefits of brushing your hair w Boar bristle brush and I’ve been looking for places to buy it. If you can recommend a good brush, you’ll make your reader aka me very happy 🙂

  2. For the last 4 years I have used Ibiza Hair brushes, which I love. They have cork handles and are super lightweight. The bristles itself are 65% boar and 35% carbon fiber nylon, so they may not be what you’re looking for, but they work wonders on my thick, but fine, strawberry blond hair. I use very, very little product, just some heat protectant, and my blowout is smooth, shinny and long lasting!

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