7 Days to a Healthier Kitchen

Address Toxins in Kitchen Overlooked Areas with Confidence

What my e-book readers are saying

I have been following Irina since I heard about her from Dr. Kelly Brogan. Shortly after reading her posts & emails, I purchased her e-book. What a great investment!!!

I’ve already purchased new pots, and bought and made DIY cleaning products. Avoiding toxic products is as important as eating clean and healthy food. As a new health coach, health & wellness for my clients includes avoiding toxic chemicals in the kitchen. Irina and her blog are now on my resource list that I pass on to my clients.”

Roberta Holstein

“This guide is worth its weight in gold for anyone looking to make their kitchen environment less toxic. It clearly explains all of the current toxicity concerns related to the kitchen, then for each concern takes you through the pros and cons of various types of products, including specific product recommendations. It saved me what would otherwise have been endless hours of research and anxiety!”

Sara B.

“I wish I had this e-book a long time ago!… It’s hard work to find the right information you need and it has all you need to know! It makes me feel that I can do it, and that it’s easy to do it! Why? Because it has important information, it’s clear, it’s easy to understand, it gives you alternatives, and it has sources that confirm the information (you click on the source and you have it). Thank you, Irina!”


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