The Federal law called the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 (TSCA) that governs toxic substances used in everyday products has become way outdated. The TSCA left the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) powerless to regulate toxic chemicals. In the pharmaceutical industry, a manufacturer is required to prove the safety of a new drug before the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will approve it.  But, under the TSCA, a new chemical is considered safe unless the EPA proves that it is not.

There are 82,000 chemicals currently used in the US commerce. 62,000 of them were grandfathered in by the TSCA without any testing. Since then, the US chemical industry has added 20,000 more chemicals. 85% of the chemicals do not have any health data and 67% of them do not have any data at all.

And then we have all kinds of diseases on the rise. According to the recent survey by the US National Cancer Institute, the lifetime risk of developing cancer for women is 1 in 3, for men is almost 1 in 2. And here is the most shocking fact of all that I can’t seem to wrap my brain around it

With this said, I wanted to provide you with reasoning as to why I did not include some products on my list of products I like.

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