When I was expecting my son, I wanted to do everything I can to buy safe nontoxic healthy baby products for him. However, babies do not live in isolation. They live in our home that can be filled with potentially harmful substances. I was motivated to make our home into a safe home for him.

So after my shopping for safe baby products was complete, I turn my attention to other products we owned. And we made some changes. We bought a new mattress for us and replaced upholstered furniture.

Do you know that your sofa may contain a pound of toxic chemicals called flame retardants? The good news is that the State of California has recently changed the law that motivated furniture manufacturers across the country to add flame retardants to the furniture. So the makers of furniture do not have to use flame retardants anymore. However, they are still in our furniture.

I am excited to share with you the products we bought for our safe home.

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