Purple Shampoos

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If your hair is blond or gray and you don’t like it brassy or yellow, this review of purple shampoos is for you! We have reviewed 40 of them based on the requests of my Instagram and Facebook followers. You can see an alphabetical list of 40 purple shampoos here.

My associate and I spent about 30 hours researching purple shampoos, and prior to that, I had spent 10 years researching shampoos!

How do I determine the best product options in a product category? I conduct a comparative analysis of numerous products in that category. Learn more about my research methods here.

Please know that in absolute terms no purple shampoo is totally safe.

Here is a preview of the Purple Shampoo Guide

  Shampoo My Opinion Concerning Ingredients* Location
1. Acure Ionic Blonde Color Wellness Shampoo Best ⚠️cocamidopropyl betaine (possible irritation/allergy if it is not of high purity)

⚠️benzaldehyde (possible irritation/allergy in sensitive people)

Acure website

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Credo Beauty

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