Crunchi Blush

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  • Crunchi blush is gluten-free, non-GMO, cruelty-free, vegan, and made with organic olive, jojoba, and argan oils.
  • It is made with mineral pigments only, it contains no synthetic dyes.
  • The mineral pigments are ECOCERT-certified and do NOT come from China, which reduces the risk of heavy metal contamination.
  • Crunchi tested their products for heavy metals and found them to contain insignificant levels way below European and Canadian limits.
  • Crunchi also tested for fluorine, a proxy for PFAS.  Mamavation featured Crunchi products in the best category because they had non-detectable levels of fluorine.  You can learn more about the PFAS study and which makeup products were tested in the Environmental Health News.
  • I also appreciate plastic-free packaging.
  • Crunchi blush comes in three gorgeous shades.  My personal favorite is Dragonfruit but I also enjoy Coral Pink. Email me if you need help choosing your perfect color.
  • I apply it with Crunchi vegan brush number 4.
  • It lasts the whole day.
  • By the way, I studied all ingredients of every Crunchi product and believe they are safe meaning that they do not contain chemicals that may increase the risk of cancer, endocrine disruption, irritation, and allergic reactions.

To learn more about why Crunchi has become my favorite makeup and skincare company, please take a look at the Crunchi Non-Toxic Makeup Review.

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