Biokleen Dish Liquid

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  • Biokleen dish liquid in its unscented version falls in the BEST category of my worst-bad-better-best guide to the safest dishwashing soap.
  • I would stay away from the scented option though.  (You can find out why in my post about natural fragrance.)
  • Ideally, I would use a dish soap bar (such as Meliora dish soap bar) because it is the safest and leaves no plastic behind.  However, being soap-based, it may not work well in hard water.

To learn how Biokleen dish liquid compares with many others, read my Non-Toxic Dishwashing Soap Guide.

Also, check out my Guide to the Safest Laundry Detergents to see what position Biokleen laundry products take in my worst-bad-better-best classification.

Plus, get access to my Dishwasher Detergent Guide to find out how Biokleen dishwasher detergent products are rated among 73 popular brands by safety and performance potential.

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