Do you have a product or service that is aligned with healthy living? Contact me! And I will consider reviewing your products. I have to warn you that my criteria are strict, and I choose only the best products in their product categories. I understand the challenges that manufacturers face and give credit to companies that are transparent and honest.


I take product reviews seriously! When I review products, I draw on my knowledge of how consumer products are made, what your competitors have to offer, and what my blog followers are looking for.


Let me outline my general criteria.


  • No petroleum ingredients or materials (which applies to the source and derivation process of an ingredient);
  • No endocrine disrupting ingredients that may mimic or disrupt hormones;
  • No carcinogenic ingredients/materials;
  • No ingredients that are known common allergens;
  • Sufficient preservation system if needed (that applies to beauty/personal care products containing water);
  • Eco-friendly packaging;
  • Products are not made in China.


Email me with a list of ingredients or materials that go into making your products. In the email, tell me when you are available to chat on the phone. I am looking forward to speaking with you!


Thank you for reaching out!