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Plastic-Free Coffee Maker

Written by Irina Webb

Plastic-free coffee makerThis is a guest post by Irina’s husband (as I will forever be called). I’m glad she left her computer unattended for a few minutes!


A couple of months ago, our coffee maker broke. Irina doesn’t drink coffee anymore, so it fell on me to find a non-toxic coffee maker that would meet her criteria. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have let me buy it!


So, I set out to find a plastic-free coffee maker where the coffee would not touch anything plastic. After a great deal of research, I found just the thing – the Coffee Gator Hand Drip Coffee Maker. I read about it online, and realized that for the coffee to taste the best, it would have to be made with water of the perfect temperature (200 degrees F), so I also bought the Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Kettle, which is made from stainless steel, and comes with a temperature gauge on it, allowing you to make coffee that tastes great, and is non-toxic, too!


I was a little concerned that the Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Kettle was made in China, but Irina says that this is unfortunate, but it is nearly impossible to buy stainless steel kettles manufactured anywhere else (please read this post). She also says that the main reason to avoid China – lead – is not a concern here, because stainless steel cannot be contaminated with lead, so we’re fine here. She reviewed the purchase before I made it, and it met her criteria. Note that the stainless steel they use is 403 medical-grade, which means that it has only trace amounts of nickel.


How does it work? It works great! It’s easy to use, cleans up easily, and the coffee tastes great! Most importantly, I rest assured that there are no plasticizers (BPA or phthalates) in my coffee.


This plastic-free coffee maker would make a great holiday gift for the coffee drinkers on your list.  For more holiday gift ideas, please visit here.


Know that although I just bought the smallest one, which makes 2 cups, it also comes in larger sizes, all the way up to six cups.


I also like that this plastic-free coffee maker does not require any paper filters. The fine mesh stainless steel filter retains the coffee grinds well; I do not see any in my cup that passed through the filter.


I love my plastic-free coffee maker. And I am not alone; it has an average of 4.8 stars on Amazon. Plus, Amazon lists it as the number one best seller in coffee makers! Way to go, Coffee Gator!


If you’re interested in seeing how easy it is to use this plastic-free coffee maker, you can watch the attached video, made by yours truly.

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Where to Buy this Plastic-Free Coffee Maker


You can buy this plastic-free coffee maker on Amazon with free shipping. Enjoy!

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1-2 cups



5 Cups



Pour Over Coffee Kettle


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37 thoughts on “Plastic-Free Coffee Maker”

  1. Alison Antelman

    There is also the “cone” which is made in glass, ceramic and I’ve seen it gold coated as well. The cone with a paper unbleached filter, makes a great cup of coffee. a zip to wash too and makes a great cup of coffee with no coffee grind in it.

  2. I absolutely LOVE your blog. I can’t thank you enough for all the research you do. It’s been so helpful for my husband and I!!!

    1. Hi, Brittany! It is so nice to hear that. Let me know how else I can help you. Could you tell how you got interested in a toxin-free lifestyle? Thank you. ~Irina

    1. Thank for the question, Brittany! I highly recommend Swell stainless steel bottles. They are plastic-free, except for a lid ring that is made of silicone. This bottle will keep your hot drink hot for 12 hours and cold drink cold for 24. They are sold on or Amazon.

  3. I have a plastic free French peas I’ve been using for years which I love. It is stainless steel. I am not sure what the brand name is, and baby is asleep in my arms so I can’t go check. I got it at marshalls after my bodium broke (again) & don’t really ever see a need to but another one. Like you said, its easy, easy to clean, don’t have to buy filters & it does a fair job of keeping it hot. Love it!

    1. Thank you, Madeline! Let me know the brand when you have a chance. It is funny you said that your Bodium broke. I’ve had one before (before I started making efforts to stay away from plastic) and it broke too. Not a good quality.

  4. I also was looking for a plastic free coffee maker. I found one at a garage sale, a vintage stovetop Pyrex glass percolator. Even the lid is glass. The kids love it because you can see through it to watch the coffee percolate. I’ve seen them for sale on eBay or online vintage stores, but I doubt you’ll beat the $3 I paid for mine!

  5. Are you familiar with cold brewed coffee? You can make it in a large mason jar. We drink iced coffee but the resulting coffee concentrate can also be heated if you prefer hot coffee.

    1. No, I am not familiar. Thank you for sharing, Becky! Sounds like a great way to make coffee. It is interesting – my coffee has to be hot for me to feel energy kick.

  6. Hi Irina!
    We are not coffee drinkers at our house, but drink a lot of tea. I was wondering, can you put ground coffee in a little metal tea ball and pop it in hot water like we do with loose leaf tea? There have been times when we have guests that are coffee drinkers.
    By the way, we started using our Dr Bronners liquid soap to do the dishes and this Sunday I’ll pick up a couple bars of Luminance soap for bathing. I guess I’ll need a shower soap dish! I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks as always!

    1. What a creative thought, Elizabeth! You have a great sense of humor and you are creative! How do you like Dr. Bronners for doing the dishes? I did not find it effective. But I am SO happy with coconut oil soap for dishes. It generates so much lather! Keep me updated on Luminance and everything else!

  7. All Natural Katie

    I too love using the french press! I found one that is glass and stainless steel, except for a piece of the lid that is plastic.

    I love Le Creuset. I didn’t know they sell french presses. I will add it to my wish list.

  8. Thanks for this yet again Irina! I second the Dr Bronners. I use it for the kids and hand soap but I didn’t care for it on dishes. I am terribly behind in emails (second child is proving to be more work than I thought) I’m going to have to look into the coconut oil soap I recall reading something about it.

  9. A few months ago, I found my ideal coffee maker, a Farberware percolator. It is made of steel, and the grounds basket and other parts are also steel. The only worrisome thing is the plastic thing on the lid, which allows you to see the percolation. Glass knob replacements are available at Lehmann’s. You just put it on your stovetop and wait until it starts to boil, and let it perc for as long as you want to get the strength of coffee you like. I perc it for 7 minutes, and it is delicious.

  10. Thank you Irina and Chris! ~ I checked out the tea kettle Chris likes and see that there are ceramic glazed models and the plain cast iron model. It sounds like Chris chose the cast iron without glaze, because of contaminates in ceramic glaze. Just wanted to confirm my interpretation. Thank you!

    1. Hi Mariya
      yes I chose the cast iron one, (you can get it from Bed and Bath, and use the 20% off coupon :)) I have the black one, its great, and clean, no chemicals and was announced that its one of the healthiest eating surfaces. let me know if you get one….

  11. For quite a few years I’ve read that it’s healthier to use a paper filter: Paper filters remove oily components called diterpenes; these organic compounds, present in unfiltered coffee are known to be antimicrobial and antiinflammatory. Metal or nylon mesh filters do not remove these components.

    Have you researched this theory? Thank you!

    1. Hi, Kathy: this would be a great question for a nutritionist. I will keep your question in mind. Thanks. ~Irina

  12. As with all studies, there are probably ones to dispute the Harvard study. Here’s just a little more information: “The two main types of diterpenes found in coffee are cafestol and kahweol, according to Harvard Health Publications. These oily substances escape into your morning cup through coffee grounds floating in the coffee or oily droplets accumulating on the surface. And when consumed, these oily compounds block a cholesterol-regulating receptor in the intestines. Because of this obstruction, the intestines can no longer properly regulate the amounts of cholesterol absorbed and excreted — resulting in elevated blood cholesterol levels.”

  13. Hi! Thank you for your blog!!!
    Could you recommend a coffee machine with grinder? I have been researching for a while but can’t find a non-toxic, bpa-free, etc. option… 🙁
    Thank you!

    1. Coffee used: Pre-ground
      Carafe: 3 oz, glass
      Reservoir: Glass, not removable, 33.8oz
      Filter Type: Stainless steel, removable

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