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Giveaway: Organic Footed Pajamas by Castleware


Organic Footed PajamasToday I am hosting a giveaway of two luxurious children’s footed pajamas by Castleware! The winners will get to choose their size, color, and fabric type. Castleware carries both warm footed pajamas made of organic velour and cotton rib pajamas – a lighter version of the organic velour. Before we proceed with the details of the giveaway, let me tell you why I love Castleware products.


About a year ago, one of my blog followers asked me if I knew of any children’s sleepsacks with leg holes. I did not know of any at the time but I started searching (yes – if you’re an active and loyal follower of my blog, I’ll help you find products). I searched high and low, just to find out that the only warm organic sleep sack with leg holes is offered by Castleware, a small business right here in the US (and all of its materials are sourced in the US as well). I was impressed with the quality, attention to detail, and softness of the sleepsack. Please read my review of the sleepsack here.


Castleware is also the only company that offers organic footed pajamas for toddlers and now even kids through age 6. Before I found Castleware, I had to put socks on my son for the night – not ideal for toddlers because the socks have a way of working themselves off – oftentime with help, if you know what I mean.  Please read my review of the velour footed pajamas here. In fact, I love every product Castleware makes! When you hold their garment, you will feel the love, care, and generosity they put in their work.


I love Castleware so much that I want you to try their products. That’s why I emailed Maureen Smithey, the owner of the business, and asked her to give away some footed pajamas to my readers, and provide a 20% discount to boot. And she agreed!


Footed Pajamas Giveaway


The last time I hosted a Castleware giveaway, Maureen asked which color you would like her to add to the line of the cotton ribbed footed pajamas. She considered your suggestions and went with periwinkle and slate grey. Please take a look at the pictures.


This time, Maureen would like to know which new colors you would like to see Castleware offer in the near future for velour footed pajamas. This is the only mandatory task you have to do to enter the giveaway. If you’d like to gain more points to increase your chances of winning, there are additional tasks you may want to do. After the completion of the giveaway, the software I use will pick two winners randomly. The winners will get to choose their footies. The giveaway is open US and Canadian residents. Good luck!!!


And I really hope that you will take advantage of the storewide 20% coupon, valid from 10/28 through 11/1. Enter “chemfreebaby” at checkout to receive the discount.

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If you are new to the blog, please check out the Start Here page.



Disclaimer: I do not receive commissions from sales. Castleware sent me footed pajamas for me to test and review for free. As a token of their gratitude for telling you about their wonderful products, Castleware has purchased an ad space on my blog.

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69 thoughts on “Giveaway: Organic Footed Pajamas by Castleware”

  1. Would love to win Castleware organic footed pajamas for my 2 year old. Would like to see purple velour footies. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. My vote for new colors is aqua blue and baby blue! If you are able to print patterns, I suggest firetrucks, puppy dogs, and airplanes. 🙂

  3. Brittany Morrison

    I would love to see cute patterns or pjs with hoods on them that have cute little bear ears and a little tail added on 🙂

  4. Yellow! While we’re making suggestions, I’d love to see a footed pant for day time in the collection. I have the hardest time keeping socks on my baby during the day (they’re either loose & fall off, or too tight & leave a mark), but also have a hard time finding pants with feet included. 🙂

  5. I would like bright yellow and holiday red pajamas for my nephew (who lives in Minnesota and REALLY needs warm PJ’s)! Prints with trains would be most loved as well. Thanks!

  6. What a great giveaway! I love castleware PJs and sleep sacks and would really like them to add red and teal colors to the mix. Patterns would be nice too if possible.

  7. Your clothes look great. I’ve never had a chance to try them yet as I’m due in December. Colors I would like to see are Aqua or Teal.

  8. I love dressing my baby in organic clothes and would love to see these awesome Castleware organic footed pajamas in a solid coral or coral with white seashells on it. I think that would be absolutely amazing.

  9. I’d vote for a steel blue – like lots of those caucasian cuties eye color. I would love purple as well if I had a girl. Like the teal suggestion too. These colors may be too vivid for organic, but one can wish…. For boys, I like stripes.

  10. We love our Castleware sleep sacks with the foot holes! I would love to see bright green offered as a color, and stripes and cute patterns like fire trucks or dinosaurs. 🙂 We’ll be buying some of the velour footie pajamas today!

  11. I’m so glad to see Castleware getting some recognition! We discovered them when I was pregnant with #2, and we’re excited because they’re in NorCal, where we are. And, even more importantly, I think, they source their cotton from the U.S. Which supports the U.S. textile industry. And their stuff is cute as hell, and comfy!

  12. Oh and duh, didn’t answer the question. I guess I’d have to say a nice burnt orange would be a good addition to their colors, especially now with the Giants in the World Series!

  13. Sky blue, to match the option on their sleep sack! Would getting the velour footed pjs and the long sleeve sleep sack be too hot? We keep our house at 65 in the wintertime, and I normally put a long-sleeve onesie and long sleeve pjs with a sleeveless sleep sack, so thinking just the pj and sleep sack (long sleeve) would be sufficient but wasn’t sure if the velour was too hot?

    1. Hi Kira, I don’t think velour is going to be hot. But let me doable check with Maureen. Here is Maureen’s answer:

      It may be a little too hot for the child to have two layers of velour on but it is hard to say as different children run differently as far as their optimal body temperature goes. If the house falls below 65 degrees at night it may be just fine. But having said that, the main thing that comes to mind for me is that it may just be too bulky in the arm area. Here are some good options to consider:

      A baby rib footie (about the weight of a heavy Tee shirt) to put under the long sleeve velour sleep sack.

      A baby rib Long John Pajama set to put under the long sleeve velour sleep sack.

      Or you can opt for the sleeveless velour sleep sack and put a velour footie or velour Long John Pajama Set under it without having to deal with the bulky arm problem. But if you think your child need two layers of fabric on their arms to stay warm enough than this is not a suitable option.

      Hope this helps, let me know if you need further clarification.

  14. I always love patterns, especially with a forest theme. Owls, foxes, hedgehogs… Can’t go wrong! And they’re gender neutral, too!

  15. I think patterns (stripes, chevron, etc) and/or animals, like a big bear, would be great.

    If it has to be colors, I’d say sage and periwinkle (which I think is in the works) and light pink.

  16. Just bought CastleWare fleece footed PJs for my kids. I love the sage green and navy blue, and they’ve been a real hit around here. The fabric is thick and lovely and the crafts(wo)manship is amazing. My only “complaint” is that they don’t come in adult sizes! 😉 Thanks for putting CastleWare on my radar. I like to support small businesses that focus on local production using US-sourced materials. I’d rather buy one pair of PJs from a company like CastleWare than several cheaper pieces that are mass-produced overseas. Thanks, Irina and CastleWare!

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