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Organic Baby Clothing You Can Afford

Affordable Organic Baby Clothing

When you create a baby registry or simply buy baby products, which products do you enjoy choosing the most? As for me, I loved buying tiny outfits for my baby boy. I was told though not to buy too many because our friends would give us lots of baby clothes. So if you are interested in organic baby clothing, make sure to communicate that to your friends. The great news is organic baby clothing can be even cheaper than non-organic counterparts.


Why Organic Baby Clothing?


Before we delve deeper into where to buy affordable organic baby clothing, let me emphasize the importance of buying organic baby clothing.

Have you seen images of cotton portraying it as a natural and pure fiber? They look nice, and are meant to convey feelings of health and safety. However, cotton is one of the major environmental pollutants, and here is why.

Organic Baby Clothing You Can AffordConventionally grown cotton uses more insecticides than any other single crop. Nearly $2.6 billion worth of pesticides are sprayed on cotton fields each year — accounting for more than 10% of total pesticide use and nearly 25% of insecticide use worldwide. In the United States, 1/3 pound of agricultural chemicals are typically used in the production of a single cotton T-shirt. (Source) Does this sound terrifying?

And lots of those toxic agricultural chemicals are sprayed in the United States because the United States is the second largest producer of cotton after China. When chemicals are sprayed, they pollute our groundwater, surface water, and drinking water. Fish, bird, and other wildlife are affected as these chemicals stay in the environment.

And lots of those agricultural chemicals are linked with cancer such cyanazine, dicofol, propargite, etc. You also might have heard that glyphosate, an active ingredient in one of the most popular herbicides, Monsanto’s own Roundup, has been recently classified as a probable human carcinogen by the World Health Organization.


Where to Buy Affordable Organic Baby Clothing?


Enough of the scary stuff. What can we do? Buy organic cotton clothes as much as it is possible. I agree that buying adult organic clothing is a challenging proposition. Once my son grew into a toddler, organic clothing was harder and harder to find. But the good news is that there are plenty of choices for babies.

My philosophy is that we do what we can and do not stress out about things that are beyond our control. But as long as there are organic choices available to us, we should take advantage and buy them. This creates demand, which ideally someday manufacturers will rush to fulfill.

To save you time, in my Amazon store I created a category called Affordable Organic Baby Clothing where you can find practical and inexpensive baby items you will appreciate. Some of the items we used when my son was a baby. If I did not use that particular piece of clothing, I read numerous Amazon reviews to make sure that most people liked it. You should read them too as they can help you gain insights into which items you will like the most.

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Happy shopping!




13 thoughts on “Organic Baby Clothing You Can Afford”

  1. The link to the amazon store has teapots and other non-baby related items in it. Irina do you mind posting the accurate link? I was very excited about it!

    1. Hi Xandra: there are 12 different categories in the Amazon store. I moved Affordable Organic baby Clothing category to the top so now you will see it first. Let me know if that helps! Thank you! ~Irina

  2. ah! thank you, I should have seen that there are multiple stores. (multitasking 🙂 This is a great resource for us, thank you for sharing it!

  3. Hello Irina,
    My son is now a toddler. Other than Hanna Anderson and burt’s bees baby, do you know of any other brands for either organic or oeko tex certified clothing for toddlers? I love Hanna Anderson but not that crazy about the quality and fit of burts bees.
    Thanks so much,

  4. Hi
    I saw you had underwear on there I also wanted to let everyone know Hanna Andersson sells organic undees for girls and boys in two different cuts for girls and they are a little more affordable than the Under the Nile ones.
    They also have organic jammies for whole family- they go on the best sale right after Thanksgiving! Nordstrom also carries some Hanna Andersson. Let me know if you find any affordable organic clothing for kids and adults! 🙂

  5. I agree with the comments on Hanna Andersson. The Jammie’s are so soft and well made. H and M also offers organic clothing. I don’t think it’s ortho Tex certified but I feel it’s a better choice than conventional. And it’s pretty inexpensive.

  6. Nana’s Fine Baby website also offers wonderful organic clothing made by L’oved Baby. I bought sever of the footed Jammie’s for my baby. And when she got too big, we cut the feet off to make them last longer.

  7. Kate Quinn organics is expensive, but they do have sales on their website, and I got a few really pretty and unique pieces during the last sale for a very low price. I personally, love Burt’s bees for everyday wear. Some fit is not perfect, but I don’t mind having leggins and shirts that are not perfect for playing and getting dirty. Prices are very low and I do like most of their quality. They PJs are not bad at all for warmer weather and I like that they stretch out with time, so you can keep using the same piece for a while.
    I have also been purchasing from Hanna Andersson, but it is more pricey, even with sales. I also spent some time researching clothes on Etsy. There are shops that sell good quality organic clothing, some of it Oeko-Tek certified or GOTs certified. sells not only mattresses, but baby clothes. I called and spoke to them. They answered all of my questions in detail and the PJ I got were very warm and comfy. They are having a sale right now. Good luck!

  8. I am unable to access the amazon store. The page does not exist anymore. Do you have a different link for us, if so please post.

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