2022 Nail Polish Rating List E-Book

32 nail polishes are compared so you can make the best choice!

Let’s face it: It’s a struggle to find a nail polish that gives you gorgeous nails without a laundry list of toxics.

We’ve all done it:

You get a nail polish your girlfriends rave about … but then it gives you a headache and you end up with brittle nails and mysterious rash.  And it’s full of…

  • Chemicals you can’t pronounce
  • Mystery “natural” ingredients (are they really natural?)
  • Potentially toxic combinations that could flare up your autoimmune disease or cancer.

So you close your eyes and make your “best guess”…

Why on earth is this happening to you?

Here’s the truth!  It isn’t your fault!

It takes hundreds of hours of investigation and research to uncover which ingredients (yep, the FDA doesn’t approve nail polish ingredients for safety!) are safe … and that’s time away from your job and kids you simply don’t have.

You need a better way!

A chance for a fresh start where you can buy nail polishes based on the safety of their ingredients, not hype and advertisement.

Introducing Nail Polish Rating List!

Nail Polish Rating List

The following nail polishes are rated for safety in the e-book (listed in alphabetical order):

Don’t see the nail polish you use?  No problem.  Chances are that ingredients in your nail polish are included in my rating model.  I assigned ratings to over 200 ingredients based on robust research.  Following the math I describe in the e-book, you will be able to figure out a rating for a nail polish of your interest.

organic hair color

When I was expecting my son, I wanted to keep him healthy and safe so much. I picked up a bottle of baby shampoo and read the ingredients, most of which I couldn’t pronounce and obviously did not come close to understanding. Since then, researching products has become my calling and full-time occupation.


Over the years, I have encountered resistance from some companies while doing my research. Sometimes when I call them, they try to avoid my questions. I am not easily discouraged, however, and I keep asking hard questions.


Now, a decade later, I’ve become a full-time consumer product safety consultant. This Nail Polish Rating List e-book is a result of my tireless work.

"The Nail Polish Rating List is very informative. I knew the majority of nail polishes were toxic, but not to the extent of what actually went into them. With my newly found knowledge, I will be choosing much safer options for my little girls as well as me!"

Bethany Roesly

"This list (and the hair color rating list) is amazing! It’s a simple guide to help people choose products not based on advertisement claims, but based on research and unbiased analysis. You put tremendous effort into helping people make decisions and to expose companies’ false claims. Thank you so much, Irina!"

Natalia Terekhova

Choose the best nail polish that works for you today!

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