Last updated on July 13th, 2016

I have spent hundreds of hours compiling a list of safe kitchen products. When I am interested in making a purchase, I first research the entire market segment, so I understand what goes into making kitchen products in this market and what challenges manufacturers have in producing non-toxic kitchen products in that segment. Based on my findings, I distilled my recommendations while providing you with a framework for decision-making when buying safe kitchen products.

If affordable and practical kitchen products cannot be made 100% toxin-free, I look for the next best alternative. And I always tell you pros and cons of every product recommendation I make. I can do so because my research is independent.

I also read everything the manufacturers say publicly about their products, but I do not take their statements at face value. I oftentimes call and email the manufacturers, to ask specific questions to get a sense as to whether the manufacturer is really trying to do the right thing, or whether they are trying to pass off their toxic products as being green just to make money off the emerging green market. Enjoy!

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