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Is the Product You Use Toxic –

Have you ever wondered if a toy your baby puts in her mouth has lead or mercury? Have you ever wondered why your new car smells so strong?  While researching non-toxic baby nursery products, I came across the non-profit organization called was founded by the Ecology Center, a Michigan-based non-profit environmental organization. produces informative research on toxic chemicals in consumer products, such as garden hoses (who would think that they also contain bad chemicals), infant car seats, toys, cars, etc.  We are all exposed to a variety of hazardous chemicals from many sources, ranging from cars we drive to toys our children play with. uses x-ray technology to detect the levels of lead, cadmium, chlorine, arsenic, bromine, and mercury in the products.  The technology has its limitation.  If a product is made of different materials, it might be challenging to calculate the levels of each chemical separately or some chemicals might interfere with each other.  In these cases an averaging of levels in different material is done. has a search engine to facilitate a search of products they have rated for hazardous chemicals.  I placed the search engine in the middle of the right side of my blog.  In order for the search engine to work, you have to choose a product category first.  The available categories include Apparel & Accessories, Cars, Electronics, Children’s Products, Home Improvement, Pet’s Products, and Toys.  In the Product Name field, you can type either a product name or a brand name or a product type.  In my experience, the search function has its limitations.  So in order to make sure that HealthyStuff has not rated a product you are looking for, you might want to try to search for it by all three: a product name, a brand name, and a product type. For example, I was able to find a Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat, only when I typed “KeyFit” or “Chicco,” but not when I typed “car seat.”  Notice that a color and a manufacture year of a product does matter.  The latest survey of car seats was of car seats manufactured in 2011.  Unfortunately, was not able to study car seats manufactured in 2012 due to limited staffing and funding.  In conclusion, I hope the product you are looking for has been tested and no hazardous chemicals were detected in it.  Try out the search function below.  Feel free to share what you have found with me and other readers of my blog.

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6 thoughts on “Is the Product You Use Toxic –”

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  2. I am trying to find baby furniture without MDF. I can find cribs that are solid wood but the dressers all seem to be made with MDF. Can you help me please?
    Many thanks!

    1. Hi, Marie! Yes, unfortunately, it is very hard to find affordable MDF-free dressers. The ones I know are over $1,000. Would that fit your budget? There are workarounds we can talk about. Are you looking for a dressing table or changing table or both? It is hard to make a recommendation without knowing more. I consult with expectant mothers. Here is the information about my services here. You might download my comprehensive non-toxic baby registry guide. It will give you an idea what types of products I recommend.

  3. This is very helpful, particularly your mention of garden hoses. We looked up the chemical analysis of our hose after our dog started get strange shaking/convulsion issues right after drinking out of our new hose. Turns out the hose we got has a horrible rating – high in bromine, phthalates, antimony, lead and chlorine. The saddest and most angering part is that an extremely high percentage of hoses tested had high levels. I found this article as well:

    Makes me so freaking mad. How many children are out playing in water from these hoses? And how many people are watering their home grown food with them? Sigh.

    1. When I first started learning about hidden dangers in consumer products, I was freaking out. However, now I believe that knowledge is power. And despite challenges, I believe that even small changes can make a big difference. I am glad you are on this journey, too. Thank you for contributing! ~Irina

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