Last updated on March 3rd, 2016

From time to time, I host giveaways of safe products I am excited about so you can try them for free. Subscribe to my blog so you do not miss my email about upcoming giveaways.

When I was pregnant, I wanted to create a safe baby registry.  And I had no idea about potentially toxic chemicals in baby products. When I picked up a baby shampoo and discovered that it contained harmful chemicals. I got angry. I wanted to protect my baby from toxins, and I began looking for a non-toxic baby shampoo.  It took me a month.  After that I looked into other baby products, children products, and all other consumer products.

Thousands of research hours later, I have gained valuable insights into how all consumer products are made and can provide you with healthy product recommendations you need.

My research is independent and the information I provide here is not skewed by either marketing claims or profits. I am excited to share with you my healthy product findings and especially giveaways I provide I like and use! Enjoy!

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