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Written by Irina Webb
Healthy Kitchen Guide

You want to have a toxin-free home but aren’t sure where to start.  Start with the kitchen!


You want to buy safe cookware but haughty salespeople treat you like you are one of those.


You might have read lot of information on my blog already and now it is the time to have the plan in your hand.


In this 7 Days to a Healthier Kitchen e-book, you will receive answers to your questions and a practical plan you can implement day-by-day or at your pace.


healthy kitchen


Whether you just recently heard about toxic chemicals in products you use every day or have been trying to get rid of potentially harmful substances in your house for some time now, this e-book is for you! You will be taken on a smooth step-by-step journey.


Whether you are healthy or have chronic diseases, this e-book is for you. Statistics tells us that the next generation of seniors will be 9 percent less likely to say they have good or excellent overall health. Scientists and medical care professionals believe this is due to environmental health hazards, many of which lurk in the kitchen.


Whether you are have good disposable income or are on a tight budget, this e-book is for you. Especially if you are on a tight budget, I wrote this book with you in mind.


I wasted lots of money on products I should not have bought before I figured out what questions to ask of manufacturers so they provide me with accurate information. And you will learn to ask the right questions, too. In addition, this book contains specific product recommendations with links to make your task even easier.


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You will also learn insights into how products are made —critical information to make informed buying decisions. We all live in a world of too much marketing information and not enough truthful information and I wholeheartedly want to change that. I fight for the truth every day. These are the examples of emails I receive from my blog readers daily.


healthy kitchen


I’ve been reading your blog for the past year or so – you have really helped me to stay on the road to health and wellness. You have certainly educated me to live in a toxin-free world and slowly but surely toxins have been significantly reduced in the personal products I use and in the products I use for my home! Your blog is my go to now. I thank God for you everyday for doing the research for all of us! I appreciate the time, effort and passion you put into this.



I have to add my voice to the chorus of praise for all the meticulous research you are conducting on ways in which we can decrease the amount of toxins in our home.

– Dawn


I can’t tell you how thankful I am for a site like yours. Your concerns and my concerns are the same. Like you, I’m kind of a research fanatic on such topics concerning health, chemicals, ingredients, etc. I’m probably on EWG’s website at least once a day. It can be both exhausting and rewarding research. So when I found your website, I was elated, relieved, and really so thankful to find a kindred spirit who could help me.

                   – Nelly

healthy kitchen

So unlike me, you won’t waste your money on products you did not need; instead, you will save money and time.


This e-book is not just about how to shop. I won’t be wasting your time with idealistic ideas, impossible concepts to implement, or promoting false information that you find in abundance for free on the Internet. There are links to a variety of specific products I have researched, that we use, and that I recommend. There are easy DIY cleaning products recipes that really work. I wouldn’t waste your time, because we are all overwhelmingly busy.  Take a look at the table of content.


healthy kitchen non-toxic cookware


This 7 Days to a Healthier Kitchen e-book will provide you with practical and actionable steps you can take to get rid of harmful chemicals in your kitchen in 7 days starting today.

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