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Fun 5-Day Toxin-Free Challenge

The FDA has been talking about regulating triclosan since 1974, but to date, has not acted to protect consumers. Tired of waiting? You don’t have to wait anymore! Since the FDA is not going to be acting any time soon, join me on a five-day challenge to ban triclosan from your home. It will be free, fun and easy, and one winner will get a generous prize.
Triclosan Challenge


What is triclosan?


It is a chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbon derived from petroleum byproducts. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified it as a pesticide.  It is nasty stuff.


So what is wrong with triclosan?


  • In animal studies, it has been shown to disrupt the endocrine system and alter the body’s production of hormones.



  • This study has shown disturbing effects of triclosan on aquatic life.


  • It has shown to trigger the production of chloroform, a probable human carcinogen, when it reacts with chlorine in water.



  • This recent human study found that asthmatic children with higher concentrations of triclosan in their bodies were more likely to be sensitized to inhaled allergens.


  • Widespread use of triclosan may represent a potential public health risk in regard to development of resistance to clinically important antimicrobials.

Fun Triclosan Challenge

Fun Triclosan Challenge

Fun Triclosan Challenge

Are these good reasons to stop triclosan from polluting our bodies, our water, and aquatic life? Are you ready to get rid of triclosan?


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75% of people have triclosan in their bodies. You might be one of them.


How are we exposed?


The most common use of triclosan is in liquid hand soap.  It can be also found in toothpaste, dish liquid, and even unexpected places such as cutting boards, socks and water hoses!

Triclosan, like other substances we put on our skin, gets absorbed via skin and the mucosa of the mouth hence birth control and nicotine patches.

I believe hormone disrupting chemicals are the most harmful because they act in even trace amounts. In fact, hormone disrupting chemicals often act more powerfully at smaller amounts than at bigger amounts.


Fun 5-Day Toxin-Free Challenge!


I am excited to run this 5-day challenge because triclosan is something easy to get rid of. While some manufacturers use it in their products, they do not need to do so. For example, you can find triclosan in some soaps. However, the FDA has studied the matter, and concluded that there is no evidence that it adds any health benefits.


I will help you locate triclosan in your home and replace products containing it! For 4 days, you will receive a quick call-to-easy-action email. and on the 5th we will pick a winner! Once you find a product, take a picture and post it in Facebook thread to this post. Have comments or questions? Post them, too. The person with most comments will have the best chance of winning. The prize is non-toxic soap I love!


This free and fun challenge will start on Monday, October 19.  Are you up for the challenge?


All you need to do right now is to sign up and follow me on Facebook! Questions? Email me.

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