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Eczema Cream: Resource for Dry, Itchy, and Sensitive Skin

Written by Irina Webb

Eczema Cream


I have some exciting news – I was able to help a baby get relief from eczema. The Eczema Company sent me their Yoro Naturals Organic Manuka Skin Soothing Cream to try. They say that this cream is one of the most successful products they sell to address the needs of skin with eczema. I used it on me, and it worked really well for the dry skin on my feet. But I wanted to know if it really works for eczema.


So I posted on my local mothers’ club forum and found a mom whose baby had severe eczema. Nancy was excited to try the eczema cream on her baby. She had tried lots of different products and had to resort to using hydrocortisone cream, which she did not like doing.


What is eczema?


Eczema is atopic dermatitis, a condition where the immune system overreacts and causes skin damage. The skin becomes dry, inflamed, and itchy.


Topical treatment is one of the ways to get relief from eczema, but this is often only a temporary solution. Many have found it effective to take a comprehensive approach and address the needs of both the immune system and the skin.


For ways to address the immune system, visit here.


Skin suffering from eczema needs a barrier so it can lock in moisture. Unfortunately, many doctors recommend petroleum-based skin products.  In fact, the National Eczema Association recommends using coal tar, which is rated 10 out 10 (10 being the most toxic) in the Skin Deep database.


Ingredients of the Eczema Cream


With this said, let’s take a close look at the ingredients of the Yoro Naturals Organic Manuka Skin Soothing Cream.


Organic Olive Oil, Organic Beeswax, Filtered Water, Grape Seed Oil, Organic New Zealand Manuka Honey, Manuka Oil Extract.


As you can see from this list of ingredients of this eczema cream, no chemistry degree is needed to read these ingredients. Olive oil, grape seed oils and manuka honey are actually edible, so there are no toxic concerns there. Beeswax is excellent at creating the barrier we just talked about.


Manuka honey comes from bees pollinating the manuka bush in New Zealand and is known empirically for its healing properties, including antibacterial properties. Manuka oil comes from the leaves of the Manuka bush and also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.  Manuka oil is extracted by gently steaming the Manuka brush leaves at low temperatures to release the essential oil from the leaves.


As for side effects, the only known side effect of Manuka is spasmolytic action so if you are pregnant, do not use this cream or use gloves to apply it to your child.


How it worked on the baby


For full disclosure, shortly after Nancy started using the cream on the baby, the baby’s eczema got worse that she had to resort to hydrocortisone cream again. When it got a little better, she stopped hydrocortisone, and re-started using the Yoro Naturals Organic Manuka Skin Soothing Cream twice a day, which shows that eczema conditions depend on many different factors.


In fact, I understand that when you start to treat eczema, sometimes it will actually get worse before it gets better, and this is consistent with Nancy’s story.


This is how this poor baby looked when I first met him.


Eczema Cream Natural Products


This is Nancy’s story in her own words,


“My 7-month old son had eczema since he was 3 months old.  Like many others with eczema, we have tried many products with minimal results.  That is until we had the opportunity to use this product.  The Manuka Honey cream is very thick and creamy with a nice earthy scent. I found that it is easier to spread if lotion was applied prior to the cream. After the first day of applying the cream, his skin was very smooth, but there was still redness. The second day, his skin remained smooth and the redness had decreased.  By the 3rd day his skin has cleared up significantly.  And by the fourth day, his skin felt like the way it should, like a baby. His skin has not looked and felt so good since the day he was born. It is so nice to finally see him not scratch his skin!  I can’t wait to take more pictures of him.”


This is how the baby looked on day 3. As you can see, there is a huge improvement. I couldn’t be happier that the baby got relief. And thank you to Nancy for agreeing to help test the eczema cream, and for sharing her pictures and story.


Eczema Cream



I can’t emphasize this enough: since eczema varies from person to person, there is no guarantee this product will work or will work immediately, for you or your baby. But Nancy’s story is certainly exciting. When she started using it, it got worse for a time, and then got better and went away. True, she interrupted its use to try the hydrocortisone (which hadn’t been working up to that point) when it got worse, but then resumed its use. And now it’s gone.


This is no clinical study, of course, as it is a story of only one person. There are reviews on Amazon you might want to read to make a decision. The product worked for some people and didn’t work for others, as you can see from the Amazon reviews.


According to the manufacturer, the Yoro Naturals Organic Manuka Skin Soothing Cream can also be helpful for psoriasis, rosacea, bug bites, minor cuts and scrapes as well. And I like using the Yoro Naturals Organic Manuka Skin Soothing Cream on my feet, which makes my feet very soft.


And lastly, I wanted to mention that there are no preservatives in the cream. Since Manuka has antibacterial properties and very little water is used, they can get away with no preservatives. This is good from a toxins standpoint, but requires a little bit of precaution on your part. Make sure you use it within 3 months as indicated on the jar, keep it in a cool place, and use clean hands or better yet a clean spoon to take the cream so you do not introduce harmful bacteria into the cream.


Where to buy


The Eczema Company






I would love your feedback in the comments. It makes me so happy to know that the products I find for you are working and helpful, especially for something as uncomfortable as eczema.


Disclaimer:  This blog post contains affiliate links.

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29 thoughts on “Eczema Cream: Resource for Dry, Itchy, and Sensitive Skin”

  1. Hi Irina, your blog on eczema products came as a godsend since my 9 month old baby has just been diagnosed with eczema. I have been using Dr Bronners Baby Mild Castile soap for washing the baby’s clothes, toys etc as well as bathing him. Since Dr Bronners is not in your list for eczema, I was wondering whether I should switch over to some of the other castile soaps you’ve recommended for bathing. Would they be more gentle on eczema prone skin than Dr Bronners? Also, I’ve been using Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (cold pressed) for massaging my baby before his bath. But I just read on Baby Center that Olive Oil is not all that great for eczema prone skin as it increases skin permeability and could lead to moisture loss from skin. Is that true? I always thought that olive oil or products containing olive oil is best for baby’s skin. Sorry for the long list of questions but I really need your opinion since I’m very confused. Thanks a lot!!!

    1. Hi Pallavi, I am sorry to hear about your baby’s eczema. I hope he will grow out of it soon.

      There is nothing wrong with Dr.Bronner’s Baby Mild Castile soap. The reason I recommended different soaps because they are a bit milder. If Dr.Bronner’s works for you, by no means keep using it. If you think you might need something milder, you might try the other ones I recommended. I know it is tricky with eczema. On the one hand, you want to find products that work for you, but, on the other hand, it is always a risk to try a new product on the very sensitive skin.

      As for olive oil, I have not found any studies that would conclude that it is harmful for eczema. I found one small study that says that coconut oil is more beneficial for eczema than olive oil. I’ve read a lot of reviews by parents and unfortunately I can’t tell you which one would be better for your baby. It depends on a lot of other factors too. I hate to say it but you have to decide for yourself by trial and error. Do not forget to test for allergy first when you try a new product. The best way to do it is as follows. Test on the inside of the elbow before applying directly to more sensitive areas such as the face and lips. Leave the product on overnight and check for redness or irritation.

      I hope it helps. Let me know if you have more questions. I wish you the best of luck!

  2. I have suffered from terrible eczema since I was a baby. I have not had a flare up in over a year. The big change-I switched all of my personal care and cleaning products to Ava Anderson Non Toxic. I haven’t found anything non toxic that works better, is reasonably priced and still feels luxurious! Plus-it is really the safest full line of products I have come across. Love them and so thankful to be eczema free! Plus their body butter and diaper cream are amazing when people do have flare ups!

    1. If Ava Anderson Non-Toxic products helped you with eczema, the products listed in this post will be like heaven. 🙂

  3. Hi Irina, I wanted to thank you for your reply and also for the awesome research you do. I really look forward to each of your posts!

  4. I love the GreenShield, but sometimes feel the need to spray on stain remover depending on the stain. You also mention that soap nuts do not remove stains – do you have a recommendation on what to use for stain removal? I noticed that the coconut bar soap you recommend for washing dishes actually mentions it can be used for stains on clothing, so wasn’t sure if you had used it for that with success?

    1. Hi Kira: I doubt that coconut bar soap would work on stain. Of course, it depends on a stain. And if you wash it immediately pretty much anything comes off even with water. For example, blood or poop is effectively removed with cold water, but you have to do that immediately. I looked around for a spray stain remover and I couldn’t find anything that meets my high standards. I end up stained washing/soaking items right after staining happens. If I do not have time to do that, I soak stained laundry in hydrogen peroxide-based bleach before washing. Please see Amazon affiliate links (please use them so I can get small credit) to those bleaches in this post.

  5. Has anyone tried baking soda and white vinegar? It makes for a powerful solvent so it may work on laundry stains though I haven’t tried it myself yet.

  6. I take my 4 month old baby to see an integrative doctor here in Atlanta for his eczema. She has recently recommended evening primrose oil, apricot kernel oil, or olive oil saying there is strong evidence that these oils help ease the redness and dryness. I ordered these from Mountain Rose Herbs. So far we have tried the evening primrose oil and olive oil, with the primrose oil working better than the olive oil. It seems to calm the skin. In addition, I put a very lightweight organic body lotion on right over the oil. This combination seems to stop his itching and calms the redness. The doctor also prescribed a B12 and primrose oil cream from a compounding pharmacy which I might try later. In addition to these topical treatments, we are working on my baby’s immune system by giving him probiotics every single day, adding a small amount of avocado to his diet (for its prebiotic content and the healthy fats are good for his skin) and since I’m breastfeeding I have eliminated dairy and gluten from my diet. Both he and I are taking an omega 3 supplement every day as well. I feel all of these measures are great and I hope with this we will get to the bottom of the root cause of his eczema. I wanted to share what we are trying with others. Thank you, Irina, for posts on eczema. I like that you also consult doctors that search for the root cause.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Jennifer! It is very good to know. I wish you guy a speedy recovery! What organic body lotion do you use? ~Irina

  7. Thank you! The lotion I’m using on him is Acure fragrance free ultra-hydrating body lotion. Also, my doctor recommended Alba Botanica Un-petroleum Jelly.

  8. I recently went to a top allergist for eczema and she strongly advised against putting products containing food ingredients on my skin because she said doing so could result in developing an allergy to that food.

    That was eye opening, since I use many products containing coconut, olive, and sunflower oils. Extrapolating from a quick web search, the issue the allergist raised sounds particularly of concern when those skin products are applied to eczematous skin.

    Here’s a news release on the website of the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology:

    “Link between food in skin products and allergies to those foods”

    I’m interested in learning more about this topic, which certainly warrants further investigation, especially for eczema sufferers.

  9. Hi Irina,
    My older daughter has been suffering from eczema – and it’s just been getting worse in the warm/humid weather, despite our effort in keeping up the bath/moisturizing regimen. So this list is fantastic – we definitely would love to try some of these ointments and upgrading cleansers too.

    So in my desperate effor to find something other than hydrocortisone cream to control flareups, I also came across this product: Dermaced Deep Therapy Cream.

    Have you heard or looked into this product? I am curious as to what you think of the ingredients.

    1. Sorryto hear that about your daughter. I am not sure how this cream is supposed to help. I am afraid it might make the problem worse. Among other things, there is a formaldehyde-releasing preservative in it, which may cause allergy. ~Irina

  10. That IS wonderful news!!! Even for people not suffering from eczema, but those who live in colder states where windchill dries the air so much that poor skin has to suffer an unspeakable degree of dryness!!! I live in WI and right now my skin from head to toes feels like it is covered with eczema. It is that itchy!!! I personally has been using raw organic coconut oil and it does wonders! As far as the manuka honey is concerned, I personally witnessed almost miraculous healing with application of honey itself ! I work in a hospital and deal with patients of different backgrounds and ailments. I have been a strong believer in natural remedies pretty much all my life. But imagine the surprise on the faces of nurses in the Wound Healing departmnet when one day they witnessed a completely healed ulcer on a patient that had been coming to the hospital for treatments for MONTHS and had no progress whatsoever. To their bewildered question “what did you do?”, the patient replied, “I bought manuka honey at Whole Foods and had applied it to the wound for a week.” To the ulcer that had no cure for months and months!!!!

  11. Thank you for the suggestion, however this product has not worked for me or for my friends with eczema. We all ordered the cream and have been using it daily since receiving it. Not only are our hands still pretty dry, but our eczema has not waned in the least. So due to its steep price I would warn people before spending their money on it. Not a guaranteed fix. Oh well… on to the next product. Let us know if you have any other suggestions, Irina. Thanks!

    1. Jennifer Roberge

      Hi Elizabeth –

      I’m so sorry that you didn’t find any relief with the cream. I can tell you that there is no miracle cream available for eczema. Not one – prescription based or natural. Usually the issues at play are much deeper than the skin and need to be resolved while using a natural cream like this one. In some cases, like the child described above, the cream can heal the skin completely. In most cases the cream offers relief and moisture, but does not cure the eczema because most often cures can only come after treating the body from within through diet and other measures. You can read more about the various things that worked in healing my son’s skin here:


  12. Thank you for the suggestion, however this product has not worked for me either. after spending almost 50 buck I’ve used its for 2 weeks on my face, hands and feet with very little benifit other than temporarily releieveing dry skin. If one day was skipped from applying the cream my feet where back to being cracked and dry. I would warn people before spending their money on it due to its high price and lack of a moisturizing properties. I’d love to hear of any other good suggestions of products that could help my feet stay soft and preferably fungi free. Thanks Irina. good luck on your recovery!

    1. I am so sorry the cream did not work out. And thank you for letting us know. I will look for the feet cream. This one works for me, maybe my feet are not as dry. What I found important with any feet cream is to apply it after the bath and shower and then put socks on. Did you try that? ~Irina

    2. Jennifer Roberge

      Hi Jeffrey –

      Thank you so much for your feedback on the cream. This cream is not intended for treating fungus. It is meant for relieving dry skin and eczema as well as psoriasis and other things like diaper rash and sunburn as well as cuts and scrapes. For fungus I’d recommend creating a mixture of virgin coconut oil, tree tree oil and oregano oil and applying this to your feet day and night with socks on top to lock in the moisture/treatment. Please let me know if you have any questions at all. Thank you!


  13. Unfortunately didn’t work for me either ;( at all
    I’ve had reoccurring eczema on my left hand (yes, just left) on the knuckles. I went to several doctors, all prescribing steroids, which I didn’t want to use.
    I’ve tried countless creams, oils, ointments … none worked.
    I have to say this cream, out of the array that I’ve tried, is the least moisturizing one… doesn’t feel good on my skin, leaves it shiny, but not hydrated (probably the type of beeswax they use).

    I think that baby eczema is different from adults’. Often times babies outgrown their eczema outbreaks with minimal treatment required. While adults are left suffering until they figure out the cause (often internal) and their only relief is temporary (steroids).

    So, in summary, it kind of baffles me that someone would recommend people (all ages) a very expensive eczema cream based on:
    1. it moisturized non-eczema feet
    2. it helped one baby (AFTER they applied steroid cream)

    I love all your suggestions and articles, I applaud you for the amount of time, effort and care you put into your posts. I am always excited when I get a new email. However, with this post I feel cheated … as if I was taken advantage in one of those infomercials …

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Natalia. In re-reading my post, I should have stressed that eczema can be a confounding problem, and no one solution is guaranteed to be right for all persons. As I stated in the article, and as you know, unfortunately, there are no guarantees with eczema and many people only benefit from addressing the root causes of their eczema. And yes, I am not set up to do clinical studies so I tried this product only on one baby and relied on multiple Amazon reviews to conclude that you guys might benefit from this product. I hope your search for the right solution for you is fruitful, and soon! In response to your comment, I made some changes to the original post. Thanks for helping me make this blog as honest as I know how to be! ~Irina

  14. Hi Irina,
    Can you tell me more about your comment about coal tar being 10 out of 10 in the toxic database. I’ve used eczema creams for 50 plus years as a chronic sufferer, including one of my sons and coal tar seems to be a base of many ‘natural’ creams. I have found it soothing but am alarmed by your mention of toxicity.
    Please let me know a little more about Coal Tar please.
    kind regards

  15. Hi Irina!

    Do you recommend this for the face, if you don’t have eczema, just struggling with dry skin from the winter and strong wind (I walk everywhere and the wind is intense in NY this year)? Thank you!

    1. Hi Irina – Jennifer from YoRo Naturals here 🙂 Yes! It works great on the face. That’s actually how I use it and love it!

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